Xphrase installation *solved*


I’m currently going back to an old track from years back.
In the track everything in midi was either frozen or printed.
Unfortunately one track isn’t and its using xphrase.I still have my old installation disc which I intend to install on my computer (still on Windows 7) but can’t find my old sx3 box straight away to look for any kind of licence key on documents in it and its that long since I installed it i don’t even remember if it needed a license key?
The old sx box is in my dads house attic and at the moment I can’t go to retrieve it and I don’t know for sure any paperwork is still in it.
I’m wondering if there is anyone here that can tell me if it needs a license key to get it going?
Sure I could just install it and see but I’m one of those that likes to keep everything on my pc in order and don’t want to half install something I can’t use.

Little update incase anyone else is looking into this one day.

I decided to just go ahead and install it tonight.
Turns out it doesn’t need a key.
Its installed and working well on Windows 7 in cubase Pro 8.