Xphraze installer cd is getting old

I love this old plugin and a lot of my songs depend on it.
But the installer cd is getting worn out and it can’t be copied due to some old way of copy protection (the cd has a physical “ring” which has to be there or the cd won’t install)
And the installer says that it can only be run from the original cd - it works in an old dvd drive but not in my newer usb drive.
So i’m getting pretty nervous that in a short while I won’t be able to use Xphraze at all anymore if I get a new system, new dvd drive or have a computer crash.
How do I either

  1. make a copy of the cd that works or
  2. make the installer run from a file ?
    Thank’s for helping me out!

Here is a newer installer: ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Archives/