Xphraze on Macos 10.9.3

Hi all!!!
I’m trying to install xphraze plugin 1.1 on my macbook air
but unfortunately i’m not able to do that…
how can i solve this problem?


Xphrase is PowerPC code on the Mac, it won’t work on any Intel-based Mac running 10.7 or later.

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there is a 1.3 UB update that exists but hard to find. if anyone has this UB update please share I need this too

I’m using my xphraze in Windows 10, 64 bit Cubase 11 application. xphraze is a 32bit vst plugin that will not work in a 64 bit Cubase program unless you convert it to 64bit.
Using an application called jbridge you can convert 32bit to 64bit on Mac and PC easy as pie.
Will work on OS X 10.6 to 10.14. I’ve converted all but a few of my 32bit vst plugins and they work great in Cubase 11. Hope this helps, xphrase is a one of Steinbergs many exceptional vst plugs.
Link for Mac: jBridgeM ( for Mac OS X ) | J's stuff