Xtouch and 12.0.60

Question for Xtouch users. Is there anything in the remote improvements in 12.0.60 that will improve working with the Xtouch? I’ve been thinking of getting one and with the mention of remote improvements wondered if the integration will be better.

Have you checked out the MIDI Remote script that @bjoluc created ?


There is one Remote API improvement compared to 12.0.52 that may improve X-Touch+Extender usage, namely

We resolved an issue where the setup of a Mixer Bank Zone involving multiple MIDI remote devices lead to lost parameter assignments.

Other than that, 12.0.60 doesn’t add value to using the X-Touch with the MIDI Remote API. Most of the “legacy” Mackie Control stuff is already doable though, with the biggest drawback being that there is currently no (working) option to respect MixConsole visibility settings.

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So if you have hidden channels on the mix console it doesn’t respect that? On the single slider model would that matter?

Currently, that’s a yes. There is a comment of @Jochen_Trappe announcing this feature for a future release

but we don’t know when it will arrive.

I don’t think it would be a problem in that case. My script doesn’t officially support the X-Touch One though (it is said to mostly work, but I don’t own the unit and cannot test with it). Nevertheless, there are several other user scripts available for the X-Touch One as well.