XV5080 patch import

Hope someone can help me
I am trying to import the patches from a XV5080 into Cubase Elements7 and I have no idea how to go about doing this? I have searched the internet and the forum but there is nothing I can find that tells me how to do this. This is probably cause I’m not the smartest at this and I just can’t understand what they he’ll they are talking about.
Is there anybody out there with some patients that can talk me through how to do this.
I would very much appreciate the help

You do it by placing a patch script (text document) containing the patch names into a folder that Cubase will read.

Start here:

You can download a xv5080 patch script and a pdf that explains installation.

If there are user created patches in your device then you’ll need to edit the text file yourself to add them in.

Very many thanks for this I will go and try it
Thanks again

Right got all the scripts put them in the correct folders. For some reason they still don’t appear when I go to instal?
Any ideas why this would be?

Just to make sure you got the right folder:

Go to your start menu/Cubase 7.5 (64bit if you are running 64 bit) folder and open the user Settings Data folder from there.
EDIT: Sorry…I see you’re using Elements so obviously select the correct element version rather than Cubase 7.5.

The scripts/inactive/Roland folder inside of that is the one you want…you’ll see all the scripts supplied with Cubase in there already. (Though that doesn’t guarantee you’re in the right folder as other versions or different bit versions appdata folders may exist)

Grim your a genius !
I was in the wrong version folder.
Very many thanks

hi guys,

new xv-5080 cubase user here.

i’ve tried the roland patch script creator and created a txt file. placed it in the correct folder but i does not show in the midi devices list…

i’ve also tried to get some more info on the riveted studios website but it seems to be no longer active…

i’m using cubase 9 pro but it seemed that this topic is more appropiate to discuss this than creating a new thread in the cubase pro 9 forum.

It’s not just a text file, it has requirements.

Take an old one and modify it. Or just find one already made.

There is a patch script creator somewhere.

There’s one on this page:


Are you sure you’re putting it in the right place?


i know about riveted studios but it seems their site is down. it won’t load for me.

i’ve accessed the roland script creator here: http://www2.rolandus.com/support/patch_script_builder/

i’ve generated a script file for xv-5080 and placed on my OS X in: /Applications/Cubase 9/Contents/Scripts/patchnames/inactive/roland

it does not show up in the midi devices list…

Not sure about where to put it on a mac.

Sounds like you’re having other problems, I downloaded it without any problems.

Here copy this and paste it into notepad:

[cubase parse file]
[parser version 0001]

[creators first name]Vidda
[device manufacturer]Roland
[device name]XV-5080
[script name]Roland XV-5080
[script version]version 1

[define patchnames]

[mode] XV-5080 Patches
[g1] Preset-A
[p2,0,87,64] 128voicePno
[p2,1,87,64] Bright Piano
[p2,2,87,64] Classique
[p2,3,87,64] Nice Piano
[p2,4,87,64] Piano Thang
[p2,5,87,64] Power Grand
[p2,6,87,64] House Piano
[p2,7,87,64] E.Grand
[p2,8,87,64] MIDIed Grand
[p2,9,87,64] Piano Blend
[p2,10,87,64] West Coast
[p2,11,87,64] PianoStrings
[p2,12,87,64] Bs/Pno+Brs
[p2,13,87,64] Waterhodes
[p2,14,87,64] S.A.E.P.
[p2,15,87,64] SA Rhodes 1
[p2,16,87,64] SA Rhodes 2
[p2,17,87,64] Stiky Rhodes
[p2,18,87,64] Dig Rhodes
[p2,19,87,64] Nylon EPiano
[p2,20,87,64] Nylon Rhodes
[p2,21,87,64] Rhodes Mix
[p2,22,87,64] PsychoRhodes
[p2,23,87,64] Tremo Rhodes
[p2,24,87,64] MK-80 Rhodes
[p2,25,87,64] MK-80 Phaser
[p2,26,87,64] Delicate EP
[p2,27,87,64] Octa Rhodes1
[p2,28,87,64] Octa Rhodes2
[p2,29,87,64] JV Rhodes+
[p2,30,87,64] EP+Mod Pad
[p2,31,87,64] Mr.Mellow
[p2,32,87,64] Comp Clav
[p2,33,87,64] Klavinet
[p2,34,87,64] Winger Clav
[p2,35,87,64] Phaze Clav 1
[p2,36,87,64] Phaze Clav 2
[p2,37,87,64] Phuzz Clav
[p2,38,87,64] Chorus Clav
[p2,39,87,64] Claviduck
[p2,40,87,64] Velo-Rez Clv
[p2,41,87,64] Clavicembalo
[p2,42,87,64] Analog Clav1
[p2,43,87,64] Analog Clav2
[p2,44,87,64] Metal Clav
[p2,45,87,64] Full Stops
[p2,46,87,64] Ballad B
[p2,47,87,64] Mellow Bars
[p2,48,87,64] AugerMentive
[p2,49,87,64] Perky B
[p2,50,87,64] The Big Spin
[p2,51,87,64] Gospel Spin
[p2,52,87,64] Roller Spin
[p2,53,87,64] Rocker Spin
[p2,54,87,64] Tone Wh.Solo
[p2,55,87,64] Purple Spin
[p2,56,87,64] 60’s LeadORG
[p2,57,87,64] Assalt Organ
[p2,58,87,64] D-50 Organ
[p2,59,87,64] Cathedral
[p2,60,87,64] Church Pipes
[p2,61,87,64] Poly Key
[p2,62,87,64] Poly Saws
[p2,63,87,64] Poly Pulse
[p2,64,87,64] Dual Profs
[p2,65,87,64] Saw Mass
[p2,66,87,64] Poly Split
[p2,67,87,64] Poly Brass
[p2,68,87,64] Stackoid
[p2,69,87,64] Poly Rock
[p2,70,87,64] D-50 Stack
[p2,71,87,64] Fantasia JV
[p2,72,87,64] Jimmee Dee
[p2,73,87,64] Heavenals
[p2,74,87,64] Mallet Pad
[p2,75,87,64] Huff N Stuff
[p2,76,87,64] Puff 1080
[p2,77,87,64] BellVox 1080
[p2,78,87,64] Fantasy Vox
[p2,79,87,64] Square Keys
[p2,80,87,64] Childlike
[p2,81,87,64] Music Box
[p2,82,87,64] Toy Box
[p2,83,87,64] Wave Bells
[p2,84,87,64] Tria Bells
[p2,85,87,64] Beauty Bells
[p2,86,87,64] Music Bells
[p2,87,87,64] Pretty Bells
[p2,88,87,64] Pulse Key
[p2,89,87,64] Wide Tubular
[p2,90,87,64] AmbienceVibe
[p2,91,87,64] Warm Vibes
[p2,92,87,64] Dyna Marimba
[p2,93,87,64] Bass Marimba
[p2,94,87,64] Nomad Perc
[p2,95,87,64] Ethno Metals
[p2,96,87,64] Islands Mlt
[p2,97,87,64] Steelin Keys
[p2,98,87,64] Steel Drums
[p2,99,87,64] Voicey Pizz
[p2,100,87,64] Sitar
[p2,101,87,64] Drone Split
[p2,102,87,64] Ethnopluck
[p2,103,87,64] Jamisen
[p2,104,87,64] Dulcimer
[p2,105,87,64] East Melody
[p2,106,87,64] MandolinTrem
[p2,107,87,64] Nylon Gtr
[p2,108,87,64] Gtr Strings
[p2,109,87,64] Steel Away
[p2,110,87,64] Heavenly Gtr
[p2,111,87,64] 12str Gtr 1
[p2,112,87,64] 12str Gtr 2
[p2,113,87,64] Jz Gtr Hall
[p2,114,87,64] LetterFrmPat
[p2,115,87,64] Jazz Scat
[p2,116,87,64] Lounge Gig
[p2,117,87,64] JC Strat
[p2,118,87,64] Twin Strats
[p2,119,87,64] JV Strat
[p2,120,87,64] Syn Strat
[p2,121,87,64] Rotary Gtr
[p2,122,87,64] Muted Gtr
[p2,123,87,64] SwitchOnMute
[p2,124,87,64] Power Trip
[p2,125,87,64] Crunch Split
[p2,126,87,64] Rezodrive
[p2,127,87,64] RockYurSocks
[g1] Preset-B
[p2,0,87,65] Dist Gtr 1
[p2,1,87,65] Dist Gtr 2
[p2,2,87,65] R&R Chunk
[p2,3,87,65] Phripphuzz
[p2,4,87,65] Grungeroni
[p2,5,87,65] Black Widow
[p2,6,87,65] Velo-Wah Gtr
[p2,7,87,65] Mod-Wah Gtr
[p2,8,87,65] Pick Bass
[p2,9,87,65] Hip Bass
[p2,10,87,65] Perc.Bass
[p2,11,87,65] Homey Bass
[p2,12,87,65] Finger Bass
[p2,13,87,65] Nylon Bass
[p2,14,87,65] Ac.Upright
[p2,15,87,65] Wet Fretls
[p2,16,87,65] Fretls Dry
[p2,17,87,65] Slap Bass 1
[p2,18,87,65] Slap Bass 2
[p2,19,87,65] Slap Bass 3
[p2,20,87,65] Slap Bass 4
[p2,21,87,65] 4 Pole Bass
[p2,22,87,65] Tick Bass
[p2,23,87,65] House Bass
[p2,24,87,65] Mondo Bass
[p2,25,87,65] Clk AnalogBs
[p2,26,87,65] Bass In Face
[p2,27,87,65] 101 Bass
[p2,28,87,65] Noiz Bass
[p2,29,87,65] Super Jup Bs
[p2,30,87,65] Occitan Bass
[p2,31,87,65] Hugo Bass
[p2,32,87,65] Multi Bass
[p2,33,87,65] Moist Bass
[p2,34,87,65] BritelowBass
[p2,35,87,65] Untamed Bass
[p2,36,87,65] Rubber Bass
[p2,37,87,65] Stereoww Bs
[p2,38,87,65] Wonder Bass
[p2,39,87,65] Deep Bass
[p2,40,87,65] Super JX Bs
[p2,41,87,65] W-Bass
[p2,42,87,65] HI-Ring Bass
[p2,43,87,65] Euro Bass
[p2,44,87,65] SinusoidRave
[p2,45,87,65] Alternative
[p2,46,87,65] Acid Line
[p2,47,87,65] Auto TB-303
[p2,48,87,65] Hihat Tekno
[p2,49,87,65] Velo Tekno 1
[p2,50,87,65] Raggatronic
[p2,51,87,65] Blade Racer
[p2,52,87,65] S&H Pad
[p2,53,87,65] Syncrosonix
[p2,54,87,65] Fooled Again
[p2,55,87,65] Alive
[p2,56,87,65] Velo Tekno 2
[p2,57,87,65] Rezoid
[p2,58,87,65] Raverborg
[p2,59,87,65] Blow Hit
[p2,60,87,65] Hammer Bell
[p2,61,87,65] Seq Mallet
[p2,62,87,65] Intentions
[p2,63,87,65] Pick It
[p2,64,87,65] Analog Seq
[p2,65,87,65] Impact Vox
[p2,66,87,65] TeknoSoloVox
[p2,67,87,65] X-Mod Man
[p2,68,87,65] Paz <==> Zap
[p2,69,87,65] 4 Hits 4 You
[p2,70,87,65] Impact
[p2,71,87,65] Phase Hit
[p2,72,87,65] Tekno Hit 1
[p2,73,87,65] Tekno Hit 2
[p2,74,87,65] Tekno Hit 3
[p2,75,87,65] Reverse Hit
[p2,76,87,65] SquareLead 1
[p2,77,87,65] SquareLead 2
[p2,78,87,65] You and Luck
[p2,79,87,65] Belly Lead
[p2,80,87,65] WhistlinAtom
[p2,81,87,65] Edye Boost
[p2,82,87,65] MG Solo
[p2,83,87,65] FXM Saw Lead
[p2,84,87,65] Sawteeth
[p2,85,87,65] Smoothe
[p2,86,87,65] MG Lead
[p2,87,87,65] MG Interval
[p2,88,87,65] Pulse Lead 1
[p2,89,87,65] Pulse Lead 2
[p2,90,87,65] Little Devil
[p2,91,87,65] Loud SynLead
[p2,92,87,65] Analog Lead
[p2,93,87,65] 5th Lead
[p2,94,87,65] Flute
[p2,95,87,65] Piccolo
[p2,96,87,65] VOX Flute
[p2,97,87,65] Air Lead
[p2,98,87,65] Pan Pipes
[p2,99,87,65] Airplaaane
[p2,100,87,65] Taj Mahal
[p2,101,87,65] Raya Shaku
[p2,102,87,65] Oboe mf
[p2,103,87,65] Oboe Express
[p2,104,87,65] Clarinet mp
[p2,105,87,65] ClariExpress
[p2,106,87,65] Mitzva Split
[p2,107,87,65] ChamberWinds
[p2,108,87,65] ChamberWoods
[p2,109,87,65] Film Orch
[p2,110,87,65] Sop.Sax mf
[p2,111,87,65] Alto Sax
[p2,112,87,65] AltoLead Sax
[p2,113,87,65] Tenor Sax
[p2,114,87,65] Baritone Sax
[p2,115,87,65] Take A Tenor
[p2,116,87,65] Sax Section
[p2,117,87,65] Bigband Sax
[p2,118,87,65] Harmonica
[p2,119,87,65] Harmo Blues
[p2,120,87,65] BluesHarp
[p2,121,87,65] Hillbillys
[p2,122,87,65] French Bags
[p2,123,87,65] Majestic Tpt
[p2,124,87,65] Voluntare
[p2,125,87,65] 2Trumpets
[p2,126,87,65] Tpt Sect
[p2,127,87,65] Mute TP mod
[g1] Preset-C
[p2,0,87,66] Harmon Mute
[p2,1,87,66] Tp&Sax Sect
[p2,2,87,66] Sax+Tp+Tb
[p2,3,87,66] Brass Sect
[p2,4,87,66] Trombone
[p2,5,87,66] Hybrid Bones
[p2,6,87,66] Noble Horns
[p2,7,87,66] Massed Horns
[p2,8,87,66] Horn Swell
[p2,9,87,66] Brass It!
[p2,10,87,66] Brass Attack
[p2,11,87,66] Archimede
[p2,12,87,66] Rugby Horn
[p2,13,87,66] MKS-80 Brass
[p2,14,87,66] True ANALOG
[p2,15,87,66] Dark Vox
[p2,16,87,66] RandomVowels
[p2,17,87,66] Angels Sing
[p2,18,87,66] Pvox Oooze
[p2,19,87,66] Longing…
[p2,20,87,66] Arasian Morn
[p2,21,87,66] Beauty Vox
[p2,22,87,66] Mary-AnneVox
[p2,23,87,66] Belltree Vox
[p2,24,87,66] Vox Panner
[p2,25,87,66] Spaced Voxx
[p2,26,87,66] Glass Voices
[p2,27,87,66] Tubular Vox
[p2,28,87,66] Velo Voxx
[p2,29,87,66] Wavox
[p2,30,87,66] Doos
[p2,31,87,66] Synvox Comps
[p2,32,87,66] Vocal Oohz
[p2,33,87,66] LFO Vox
[p2,34,87,66] St.Strings
[p2,35,87,66] Warm Strings
[p2,36,87,66] Somber Str
[p2,37,87,66] Marcato
[p2,38,87,66] Bright Str
[p2,39,87,66] String Ens
[p2,40,87,66] TremoloStrng
[p2,41,87,66] Chambers
[p2,42,87,66] ViolinCello
[p2,43,87,66] Symphonique
[p2,44,87,66] Film Octaves
[p2,45,87,66] Film Layers
[p2,46,87,66] Bass Pizz
[p2,47,87,66] Real Pizz
[p2,48,87,66] Harp On It
[p2,49,87,66] Harp
[p2,50,87,66] JP-8 Str 1
[p2,51,87,66] JP-8 Str 2
[p2,52,87,66] E-Motion Pad
[p2,53,87,66] JP-8 Str 3
[p2,54,87,66] Vintage Orch
[p2,55,87,66] JUNO Strings
[p2,56,87,66] Gigantalog
[p2,57,87,66] PWM Strings
[p2,58,87,66] Warmth
[p2,59,87,66] ORBit Pad
[p2,60,87,66] Deep Strings
[p2,61,87,66] Pulsify
[p2,62,87,66] Pulse Pad
[p2,63,87,66] Greek Power
[p2,64,87,66] Harmonicum
[p2,65,87,66] D-50 Heaven
[p2,66,87,66] Afro Horns
[p2,67,87,66] Pop Pad
[p2,68,87,66] Dreamesque
[p2,69,87,66] Square Pad
[p2,70,87,66] JP-8 Hollow
[p2,71,87,66] JP-8Haunting
[p2,72,87,66] Heirborne
[p2,73,87,66] Hush Pad
[p2,74,87,66] Jet Pad 1
[p2,75,87,66] Jet Pad 2
[p2,76,87,66] Phaze Pad
[p2,77,87,66] Phaze Str
[p2,78,87,66] Jet Str Ens
[p2,79,87,66] Pivotal Pad
[p2,80,87,66] 3D Flanged
[p2,81,87,66] Fantawine
[p2,82,87,66] Glassy Pad
[p2,83,87,66] Moving Glass
[p2,84,87,66] Glasswaves
[p2,85,87,66] Shiny Pad
[p2,86,87,66] ShiftedGlass
[p2,87,87,66] Chime Pad
[p2,88,87,66] Spin Pad
[p2,89,87,66] Rotary Pad
[p2,90,87,66] Dawn 2 Dusk
[p2,91,87,66] Aurora
[p2,92,87,66] Strobe Mode
[p2,93,87,66] Albion
[p2,94,87,66] Running Pad
[p2,95,87,66] Stepped Pad
[p2,96,87,66] Random Pad
[p2,97,87,66] SoundtrkDANC
[p2,98,87,66] Flying Waltz
[p2,99,87,66] Vanishing
[p2,100,87,66] 5th Sweep
[p2,101,87,66] Phazweep
[p2,102,87,66] Big BPF
[p2,103,87,66] MG Sweep
[p2,104,87,66] CeremonyTimp
[p2,105,87,66] Dyno Toms
[p2,106,87,66] Sands ofTime
[p2,107,87,66] Inertia
[p2,108,87,66] Vektogram
[p2,109,87,66] Crash Pad
[p2,110,87,66] Feedback VOX
[p2,111,87,66] Cascade
[p2,112,87,66] Shattered
[p2,113,87,66] NextFrontier
[p2,114,87,66] Pure Tibet
[p2,115,87,66] Chime Wash
[p2,116,87,66] Night Shade
[p2,117,87,66] Tortured
[p2,118,87,66] Dissimilate
[p2,119,87,66] Dunes
[p2,120,87,66] Ocean Floor
[p2,121,87,66] Cyber Space
[p2,122,87,66] Biosphere
[p2,123,87,66] Variable Run
[p2,124,87,66] Ice Hall
[p2,125,87,66] ComputerRoom
[p2,126,87,66] Inverted
[p2,127,87,66] Terminate
[g1] Preset-D
[p2,0,87,67] Echo Piano
[p2,1,87,67] Upright Pno
[p2,2,87,67] RD-1000
[p2,3,87,67] Player’s EP
[p2,4,87,67] D-50 Rhodes
[p2,5,87,67] Innocent EP
[p2,6,87,67] Echo Rhodes
[p2,7,87,67] See-Thru EP
[p2,8,87,67] FM BellPiano
[p2,9,87,67] Ring E.Piano
[p2,10,87,67] Soap Opera
[p2,11,87,67] Dirty Organ
[p2,12,87,67] Surf’s Up!
[p2,13,87,67] Organesque
[p2,14,87,67] pp Harmonium
[p2,15,87,67] PieceOfCheez
[p2,16,87,67] Harpsy Clav
[p2,17,87,67] Exotic Velo
[p2,18,87,67] HolidayCheer
[p2,19,87,67] Morning Lite
[p2,20,87,67] Prefab Chime
[p2,21,87,67] Belfry Chime
[p2,22,87,67] Stacc.Heaven
[p2,23,87,67] 2.2 Bell Pad
[p2,24,87,67] Far East
[p2,25,87,67] Wire Pad
[p2,26,87,67] PhaseBlipper
[p2,27,87,67] Sweep Clav
[p2,28,87,67] Glider
[p2,29,87,67] Solo Steel
[p2,30,87,67] DesertCrystl
[p2,31,87,67] Clear Guitar
[p2,32,87,67] Solo Strat
[p2,33,87,67] Feed Me!
[p2,34,87,67] Tube Smoke
[p2,35,87,67] Creamy
[p2,36,87,67] Blusey OD
[p2,37,87,67] Grindstone
[p2,38,87,67] OD 5ths
[p2,39,87,67] East Europe
[p2,40,87,67] Dulcitar
[p2,41,87,67] Atmos Harp
[p2,42,87,67] Pilgrimage
[p2,43,87,67] 202 Rude Bs
[p2,44,87,67] 2pole Bass
[p2,45,87,67] 4pole Bass
[p2,46,87,67] Phaser MC
[p2,47,87,67] Miniphaser
[p2,48,87,67] Acid TB
[p2,49,87,67] Full Orchest
[p2,50,87,67] Str + Winds
[p2,51,87,67] Flute 2080
[p2,52,87,67] Scat Flute
[p2,53,87,67] Sax Choir
[p2,54,87,67] Ballad Trump
[p2,55,87,67] Sm.Brass Grp
[p2,56,87,67] Royale
[p2,57,87,67] Brass Mutes
[p2,58,87,67] Breathy Brs
[p2,59,87,67] 3 Osc Brass
[p2,60,87,67] P5 Polymod
[p2,61,87,67] Triumph Brs
[p2,62,87,67] Techno Dream
[p2,63,87,67] Organizer
[p2,64,87,67] Civilization
[p2,65,87,67] Mental Chord
[p2,66,87,67] House Chord
[p2,67,87,67] Sequalog
[p2,68,87,67] Booster Bips
[p2,69,87,67] VintagePlunk
[p2,70,87,67] Plik-Plok
[p2,71,87,67] RingSequence
[p2,72,87,67] Cyber Swing
[p2,73,87,67] Keep :slight_smile:
[p2,74,87,67] Resojuice
[p2,75,87,67] B’on d’moov!
[p2,76,87,67] Dist TB-303
[p2,77,87,67] Temple of JV
[p2,78,87,67] Planet Asia
[p2,79,87,67] Afterlife
[p2,80,87,67] Trancing Pad
[p2,81,87,67] Pulsatronic
[p2,82,87,67] Cyber Dreams
[p2,83,87,67] Warm Pipe
[p2,84,87,67] Pure Pipe
[p2,85,87,67] SH-2000
[p2,86,87,67] X…? Whistle
[p2,87,87,67] Jay Vee Solo
[p2,88,87,67] Progresso Ld
[p2,89,87,67] Adrenaline
[p2,90,87,67] Enlighten
[p2,91,87,67] Glass Blower
[p2,92,87,67] Earth Blow
[p2,93,87,67] JX SqrCarpet
[p2,94,87,67] Dimensional
[p2,95,87,67] Jupiterings
[p2,96,87,67] Analog Drama
[p2,97,87,67] Rich Dynapad
[p2,98,87,67] Silky Way
[p2,99,87,67] Gluey Pad
[p2,100,87,67] BandPass Mod
[p2,101,87,67] Soundtraque
[p2,102,87,67] Translucence
[p2,103,87,67] Darkshine
[p2,104,87,67] D’light
[p2,105,87,67] December Sky
[p2,106,87,67] Octapad
[p2,107,87,67] JUNO Power!
[p2,108,87,67] Spectrum Mod
[p2,109,87,67] Stringsheen
[p2,110,87,67] GR500 TmpDly
[p2,111,87,67] Mod DirtyWav
[p2,112,87,67] Silicon Str
[p2,113,87,67] D50FantaPerc
[p2,114,87,67] Rotodreams
[p2,115,87,67] Blue Notes
[p2,116,87,67] RiversOfTime
[p2,117,87,67] Phobos
[p2,118,87,67] 2 0 8 0
[p2,119,87,67] Unearthly
[p2,120,87,67] Glistening
[p2,121,87,67] Sci-Fi Str
[p2,122,87,67] Shadows
[p2,123,87,67] Helium Queen
[p2,124,87,67] Sci-Fi FX x4
[p2,125,87,67] Perky Noize
[p2,126,87,67] Droplet
[p2,127,87,67] Rain Forest
[g1] Preset-E
[p2,0,87,68] Grand XV
[p2,1,87,68] Contemplate
[p2,2,87,68] Rock Piano
[p2,3,87,68] RockPiano Ch
[p2,4,87,68] Pianomonics
[p2,5,87,68] Piano+SftPad
[p2,6,87,68] WarmVoxPiano
[p2,7,87,68] Y2K Concerto
[p2,8,87,68] Piano+AirPad
[p2,9,87,68] ChoraLeader
[p2,10,87,68] SparklePiano
[p2,11,87,68] Retro Rhodes
[p2,12,87,68] Fat Rhodes
[p2,13,87,68] Rhodes Trem
[p2,14,87,68] Phaser Dyno
[p2,15,87,68] Hit Rhodes
[p2,16,87,68] Sweet Tynes
[p2,17,87,68] Pluk Rhodes
[p2,18,87,68] Rhodes Trip
[p2,19,87,68] AmbiRhodes
[p2,20,87,68] Rholitzer
[p2,21,87,68] Wurlie
[p2,22,87,68] FM Delight
[p2,23,87,68] Cutter Clav
[p2,24,87,68] Mute Clav D6
[p2,25,87,68] PhazeWahClav
[p2,26,87,68] St.Harpsichd
[p2,27,87,68] 3PartInventn
[p2,28,87,68] Soft Perky
[p2,29,87,68] Fullness
[p2,30,87,68] Paleface 1
[p2,31,87,68] Paleface 2
[p2,32,87,68] Soft B
[p2,33,87,68] British B
[p2,34,87,68] Rocker Org
[p2,35,87,68] Split B
[p2,36,87,68] PercInterval
[p2,37,87,68] Happy 60s
[p2,38,87,68] 96 Years
[p2,39,87,68] Glory Us Rok
[p2,40,87,68] Church Harmn
[p2,41,87,68] Cathdr Harmn
[p2,42,87,68] Morph Pad
[p2,43,87,68] Air Pad
[p2,44,87,68] Soft Padding
[p2,45,87,68] Warmth Pad
[p2,46,87,68] ClassicJPpad
[p2,47,87,68] Jupiter Str
[p2,48,87,68] Fat Pad
[p2,49,87,68] GR700 Pad
[p2,50,87,68] Paradise
[p2,51,87,68] Moonchimes
[p2,52,87,68] SusPed Swap
[p2,53,87,68] PhasingPad
[p2,54,87,68] Ethereal Str
[p2,55,87,68] Velcropad
[p2,56,87,68] NothrnLights
[p2,57,87,68] Sun Dive
[p2,58,87,68] Brite Vox 1
[p2,59,87,68] Brite Vox 2
[p2,60,87,68] Ooh)Aah Mod
[p2,61,87,68] Vocals: Ooh
[p2,62,87,68] Vocals: Scat
[p2,63,87,68] Vocals: Boys
[p2,64,87,68] St. Choir
[p2,65,87,68] SampleThe80s
[p2,66,87,68] Sacred Tree
[p2,67,87,68] VP330 OctEko
[p2,68,87,68] XV Strings
[p2,69,87,68] Fat Strings
[p2,70,87,68] Dolce p/m/f
[p2,71,87,68] Sad Strings
[p2,72,87,68] Lush Strings
[p2,73,87,68] Strings4Film
[p2,74,87,68] Marcato Str
[p2,75,87,68] End Titles
[p2,76,87,68] ChmbrQuartet
[p2,77,87,68] ChamberSect.
[p2,78,87,68] FullChmbrStr
[p2,79,87,68] Tape Strings
[p2,80,87,68] Henry VIII
[p2,81,87,68] Prelude
[p2,82,87,68] Str&Brs Orch
[p2,83,87,68] Hornz
[p2,84,87,68] TudorFanfare
[p2,85,87,68] ChamberPlyrs
[p2,86,87,68] Flute/Clari
[p2,87,87,68] Orch Reeds
[p2,88,87,68] Dual Flutes
[p2,89,87,68] Jazzer Flute
[p2,90,87,68] LegatoBamboo
[p2,91,87,68] Ambience Flt
[p2,92,87,68] The Andes
[p2,93,87,68] Deja Vlute
[p2,94,87,68] Simply Brass
[p2,95,87,68] FullSt Brass
[p2,96,87,68] Dragnet
[p2,97,87,68] NewR&RBrass
[p2,98,87,68] Tower Trumps
[p2,99,87,68] BigBrassBand
[p2,100,87,68] Lil’BigHornz
[p2,101,87,68] VoyagerBrass
[p2,102,87,68] Symph Horns
[p2,103,87,68] Trombone Atm
[p2,104,87,68] XV Trombone
[p2,105,87,68] XV Trumpet
[p2,106,87,68] JupiterHorns
[p2,107,87,68] Solo SoprSax
[p2,108,87,68] Solo AltoSax
[p2,109,87,68] XV DynoTenor
[p2,110,87,68] Honker Bari
[p2,111,87,68] Full Saxz
[p2,112,87,68] Soaring Hrns
[p2,113,87,68] Glass Orbit
[p2,114,87,68] 5th Atm /Aft
[p2,115,87,68] Lo-fi Sweep
[p2,116,87,68] Modular Life
[p2,117,87,68] Oscillations
[p2,118,87,68] Combing
[p2,119,87,68] Rolling 5ths
[p2,120,87,68] Analogue Str
[p2,121,87,68] Lunar Strngs
[p2,122,87,68] BPFsweep Mod
[p2,123,87,68] Queen V
[p2,124,87,68] SkinnyBounce
[p2,125,87,68] SquareBounce
[p2,126,87,68] Galactic
[p2,127,87,68] Powerwiggle
[g1] Preset-F
[p2,0,87,69] 80s Retrosyn
[p2,1,87,69] Power Stack
[p2,2,87,69] Don’t Jump
[p2,3,87,69] Big Bubbles
[p2,4,87,69] X-mod Sweep
[p2,5,87,69] Bag O’ Bones
[p2,6,87,69] AirSoThin
[p2,7,87,69] Analogical
[p2,8,87,69] Waspy Pulse
[p2,9,87,69] Soaring Saws
[p2,10,87,69] Square Roots
[p2,11,87,69] BOG
[p2,12,87,69] Talking Box
[p2,13,87,69] Retro Lead
[p2,14,87,69] LivingInSync
[p2,15,87,69] Leads United
[p2,16,87,69] Dirty Sync
[p2,17,87,69] DistortaSync
[p2,18,87,69] Blistering
[p2,19,87,69] Guttural
[p2,20,87,69] Flyin’ High
[p2,21,87,69] Soft Tooth
[p2,22,87,69] Soaring Sqr
[p2,23,87,69] Soaring Sync
[p2,24,87,69] Nasal Spray
[p2,25,87,69] Lamb Lead
[p2,26,87,69] Creamer
[p2,27,87,69] Sine System
[p2,28,87,69] Soft Nylon
[p2,29,87,69] Nylozzicato
[p2,30,87,69] Mutezzicato
[p2,31,87,69] Hybrid Nylon
[p2,32,87,69] XV SteelGt 1
[p2,33,87,69] XV SteelGt 2
[p2,34,87,69] Comp’Steel
[p2,35,87,69] Double Steel
[p2,36,87,69] Folk Guitar
[p2,37,87,69] SpanishNight
[p2,38,87,69] Plug n’ Play
[p2,39,87,69] Fab 4 Guitar
[p2,40,87,69] Searing Lead
[p2,41,87,69] Punker
[p2,42,87,69] LouderPlease
[p2,43,87,69] XV Upright
[p2,44,87,69] XV Ac.Bass
[p2,45,87,69] LookMaNoFret
[p2,46,87,69] XV Fretless
[p2,47,87,69] Basic F’less
[p2,48,87,69] 8-str F’less
[p2,49,87,69] Tap Bass
[p2,50,87,69] Pop Bass
[p2,51,87,69] P.Bs Chorus
[p2,52,87,69] TremCho Bs
[p2,53,87,69] Creamy Bass
[p2,54,87,69] Buster Bass
[p2,55,87,69] TB Squelch
[p2,56,87,69] Ticker Bass
[p2,57,87,69] Muscle Bass
[p2,58,87,69] Grounded Bs
[p2,59,87,69] West End Bs
[p2,60,87,69] Snap Bass
[p2,61,87,69] 700 Bassboy
[p2,62,87,69] 8VCO MonoSyn
[p2,63,87,69] ResoMoist Bs
[p2,64,87,69] Kickin’ Bass
[p2,65,87,69] Sub Zero
[p2,66,87,69] Liquid Bass
[p2,67,87,69] Hefty Bass
[p2,68,87,69] Severe Ow Bs
[p2,69,87,69] Chime Bells
[p2,70,87,69] Celestabox
[p2,71,87,69] Brass Tubes
[p2,72,87,69] Dreams East
[p2,73,87,69] Synergistic
[p2,74,87,69] Andreas Cave
[p2,75,87,69] AmbiPizza
[p2,76,87,69] Voxy Nylon
[p2,77,87,69] EastrnEurope
[p2,78,87,69] Celtic Harp
[p2,79,87,69] Reso Sitar
[p2,80,87,69] The Ganges
[p2,81,87,69] MountainFolk
[p2,82,87,69] Byzantine
[p2,83,87,69] AsiaPlectrum
[p2,84,87,69] VelHarp)Harm
[p2,85,87,69] Pluckaphone
[p2,86,87,69] Slap Timps
[p2,87,87,69] Suite Combo
[p2,88,87,69] Jet Voxs
[p2,89,87,69] Dirty Hit
[p2,90,87,69] MOVE!
[p2,91,87,69] Reel Slam
[p2,92,87,69] OffTheRecord
[p2,93,87,69] 2ndRateChord
[p2,94,87,69] RageInYouth
[p2,95,87,69] MinorIncidnt
[p2,96,87,69] Phunky DC
[p2,97,87,69] Agent X
[p2,98,87,69] Winky
[p2,99,87,69] Looney 2nz
[p2,100,87,69] Shortrave
[p2,101,87,69] DeeperBeeper
[p2,102,87,69] Percolator
[p2,103,87,69] Filter Morph
[p2,104,87,69] Choir Bounce
[p2,105,87,69] Rippling
[p2,106,87,69] SteppingPhsr
[p2,107,87,69] Trance Fair
[p2,108,87,69] GermanBounce
[p2,109,87,69] Acid JaZZ
[p2,110,87,69] Cutter>ModWh
[p2,111,87,69] Blades
[p2,112,87,69] Mad Bender
[p2,113,87,69] Shapeshifter
[p2,114,87,69] ForestMoon
[p2,115,87,69] Predator 2
[p2,116,87,69] Dark Side
[p2,117,87,69] The Beast
[p2,118,87,69] X-mod Reso
[p2,119,87,69] Planet Meta
[p2,120,87,69] Nexus
[p2,121,87,69] Halographix
[p2,122,87,69] Moon Rise
[p2,123,87,69] Gruvacious
[p2,124,87,69] Windy Dunes
[p2,125,87,69] Ice Blasts
[p2,126,87,69] Ringy Thingy
[p2,127,87,69] Atmospherics
[g1] Preset-G
[p2,0,87,70] Power Octs
[p2,1,87,70] WaterPiano2
[p2,2,87,70] Swimming EP
[p2,3,87,70] XV Crystal
[p2,4,87,70] Cold Roadz
[p2,5,87,70] Backrhodes
[p2,6,87,70] Amped Wurlie
[p2,7,87,70] Dirty Wurlie
[p2,8,87,70] Musicbox XV
[p2,9,87,70] Klubb Organ
[p2,10,87,70] Drew’s Bee
[p2,11,87,70] Velvet Organ
[p2,12,87,70] Distorted B
[p2,13,87,70] Radikal B
[p2,14,87,70] Boogie Organ
[p2,15,87,70] Mood Ringz
[p2,16,87,70] Wedo-Wodo
[p2,17,87,70] S.O.S.trings
[p2,18,87,70] Syncronicity
[p2,19,87,70] DanceMachina
[p2,20,87,70] Vox Chopper
[p2,21,87,70] SlicingSyVox
[p2,22,87,70] PressureDome
[p2,23,87,70] Quasar /Aft
[p2,24,87,70] Ionizer
[p2,25,87,70] MilleniumStr
[p2,26,87,70] Bounce Baby!
[p2,27,87,70] Bounce Daddy
[p2,28,87,70] Bounce Mama!
[p2,29,87,70] Bounce Noize
[p2,30,87,70] What a Gate!
[p2,31,87,70] Mini Sequenz
[p2,32,87,70] Slice & Dice
[p2,33,87,70] BrushingSaw1
[p2,34,87,70] BrushingSaw2
[p2,35,87,70] Cultivate
[p2,36,87,70] 5080 Random
[p2,37,87,70] XV Stepping
[p2,38,87,70] India Garden
[p2,39,87,70] Belly Pad
[p2,40,87,70] Spectre
[p2,41,87,70] SoaringHrns2
[p2,42,87,70] Sabbath Day
[p2,43,87,70] XV BlowPad
[p2,44,87,70] White Arcade
[p2,45,87,70] Borealis
[p2,46,87,70] OvertoneScan
[p2,47,87,70] Whisper Vox
[p2,48,87,70] Jupiter 21
[p2,49,87,70] Filt Strings
[p2,50,87,70] HybStringsXV
[p2,51,87,70] Soft Symphny
[p2,52,87,70] Wood Symphny
[p2,53,87,70] HybOrchestra
[p2,54,87,70] Brassy Symph
[p2,55,87,70] Biggie Brass
[p2,56,87,70] BiggieBrass2
[p2,57,87,70] LA Sax’s
[p2,58,87,70] Wind Wood
[p2,59,87,70] Lonely Oboe
[p2,60,87,70] Harmonica XV
[p2,61,87,70] Tooters Lead
[p2,62,87,70] Digi Phased
[p2,63,87,70] Synth Ethics
[p2,64,87,70] Harm is Fine
[p2,65,87,70] D-2000
[p2,66,87,70] Ackward East
[p2,67,87,70] Powersoaker
[p2,68,87,70] Mean Thing
[p2,69,87,70] Jet Sync
[p2,70,87,70] Crying Solo
[p2,71,87,70] Southern Fry
[p2,72,87,70] Strum Distrt
[p2,73,87,70] Match Drive
[p2,74,87,70] Stacked
[p2,75,87,70] 2-Stack Over
[p2,76,87,70] COSM Searing
[p2,77,87,70] COSM Loud Gt
[p2,78,87,70] Blue Mutes
[p2,79,87,70] Metal 5150
[p2,80,87,70] Crunch Phase
[p2,81,87,70] Alt Dist Gtr
[p2,82,87,70] So nice!
[p2,83,87,70] Punch Bass
[p2,84,87,70] COSM Bass
[p2,85,87,70] Stream Bell
[p2,86,87,70] Shuffle Bell
[p2,87,87,70] Echo Vibe
[p2,88,87,70] Tremolo Vibe
[p2,89,87,70] True Vibe
[p2,90,87,70] Marimbula
[p2,91,87,70] Hit Bitz
[p2,92,87,70] 80s LoFi Hit
[p2,93,87,70] Auto Chord
[p2,94,87,70] 3rdTeenChord
[p2,95,87,70] Bend a Chord
[p2,96,87,70] DiscreteChrd
[p2,97,87,70] Ambi Voices
[p2,98,87,70] Say Yeah !
[p2,99,87,70] Xcuse me
[p2,100,87,70] 5ths in 4ths
[p2,101,87,70] Pretty Ugly
[p2,102,87,70] Con Sequence
[p2,103,87,70] BermudaShort
[p2,104,87,70] Saw n’ 202
[p2,105,87,70] Technoheadz
[p2,106,87,70] Boss’d Synth
[p2,107,87,70] Cross Fire
[p2,108,87,70] Techno Cave
[p2,109,87,70] Generator
[p2,110,87,70] GenderBender
[p2,111,87,70] Xtremities
[p2,112,87,70] AM 05:59
[p2,113,87,70] Happy Brass
[p2,114,87,70] Runaway Rez
[p2,115,87,70] Dropplets
[p2,116,87,70] Indian Guru
[p2,117,87,70] Cosmic Rain
[p2,118,87,70] Trying Winds
[p2,119,87,70] Space Whiz
[p2,120,87,70] DigitalDrone
[p2,121,87,70] Space Race
[p2,122,87,70] Bowed Bell
[p2,123,87,70] X-Tension
[p2,124,87,70] DUB!!!
[p2,125,87,70] Dream Diver
[p2,126,87,70] Flashback
[p2,127,87,70] St.LoFiNoise
[g1] Preset-H (GM2)
[g2] Piano
[p3,0,121,0] Piano 1
[p3,0,121,1] +Piano 1w
[p3,0,121,2] +European Pf
[p3,1,121,0] Piano 2
[p3,1,121,1] +Piano 2w
[p3,2,121,0] Piano 3
[p3,2,121,1] +Piano 3w
[p3,3,121,0] Honky-tonk
[p3,3,121,1] +Honky-tonk 2
[p3,4,121,0] E.Piano 1
[p3,4,121,1] +St.Soft EP
[p3,4,121,2] +FM+SA EP
[p3,4,121,3] +Wurly
[p3,5,121,0] E.Piano 2
[p3,5,121,1] +Detuned EP 2
[p3,5,121,2] +St.FM EP
[p3,5,121,3] +EP Legend
[p3,5,121,4] +EP Phase
[p3,6,121,0] Harpsichord
[p3,6,121,1] +Coupled Hps.
[p3,6,121,2] +Harpsi.w
[p3,6,121,3] +Harpsi.o
[p3,7,121,0] Clav.
[p3,7,121,1] +Pulse Clav
[g2] Chromatic Percussion
[p3,8,121,0] Celesta
[p3,9,121,0] Glockenspiel
[p3,10,121,0] Music Box
[p3,11,121,0] Vibraphone
[p3,11,121,1] +Vibraphone w
[p3,12,121,0] Marimba
[p3,12,121,1] +Marimba w
[p3,13,121,0] Xylophone
[p3,14,121,0] Tubular-bell
[p3,14,121,1] +Church Bell
[p3,14,121,2] +Carillon
[p3,15,121,0] Santur
[g2] Organ
[p3,16,121,0] Organ 1
[p3,16,121,1] +Trem. Organ
[p3,16,121,2] +60’s Organ 1
[p3,16,121,3] +70’s E.Organ
[p3,17,121,0] Organ 2
[p3,17,121,1] +Chorus Or.2
[p3,17,121,2] +Perc. Organ
[p3,18,121,0] Organ 3
[p3,19,121,0] Church Org.1
[p3,19,121,1] +Church Org.2
[p3,19,121,2] +Church Org.3
[p3,20,121,0] Reed Organ
[p3,20,121,1] +Puff Organ
[p3,21,121,0] Accordion Fr
[p3,21,121,1] +Accordion It
[p3,22,121,0] Harmonica
[p3,23,121,0] Bandoneon
[g2] Guitar
[p3,24,121,0] Nylon-str.Gt
[p3,24,121,1] +Ukulele
[p3,24,121,2] +Nylon Gt.o
[p3,24,121,3] +Nylon Gt.2
[p3,25,121,0] Steel-str.Gt
[p3,25,121,1] +12-str.Gt
[p3,25,121,2] +Mandolin
[p3,25,121,3] +Steel + Body
[p3,26,121,0] Jazz Gt.
[p3,26,121,1] +Pedal Steel
[p3,27,121,0] Clean Gt.
[p3,27,121,1] +Chorus Gt.
[p3,27,121,2] +Mid Tone GTR
[p3,28,121,0] Muted Gt.
[p3,28,121,1] +Funk Pop
[p3,28,121,2] +Funk Gt.2
[p3,28,121,3] +Jazz Man
[p3,29,121,0] Overdrive Gt
[p3,29,121,1] +Guitar Pinch
[p3,30,121,0] DistortionGt
[p3,30,121,1] +Feedback Gt.
[p3,30,121,2] +Dist Rtm GTR
[p3,31,121,0] Gt.Harmonics
[p3,31,121,1] +Gt. Feedback
[g2] Bass
[p3,32,121,0] Acoustic Bs.
[p3,33,121,0] Fingered Bs.
[p3,33,121,1] +Finger Slap
[p3,34,121,0] Picked Bass
[p3,35,121,0] Fretless Bs.
[p3,36,121,0] Slap Bass 1
[p3,37,121,0] Slap Bass 2
[p3,38,121,0] Synth Bass 1
[p3,38,121,1] +SynthBass101
[p3,38,121,2] +Acid Bass
[p3,38,121,3] +Clavi Bass
[p3,38,121,4] +Hammer
[p3,39,121,0] Synth Bass 2
[p3,39,121,1] +Beef FM Bass
[p3,39,121,2] +RubberBass 2
[p3,39,121,3] +Attack Pulse
[g2] Strings & Orchestral instruments
[p3,40,121,0] Violin :
[p3,40,121,1] +Slow Violin
[p3,41,121,0] Viola :
[p3,42,121,0] Cello :
[p3,43,121,0] Contrabass
[p3,44,121,0] Tremolo Str
[p3,45,121,0] PizzicatoStr
[p3,46,121,0] Harp
[p3,46,121,1] +Yang Qin
[p3,47,121,0] Timpani
[g2] Ensemble
[p3,48,121,0] Strings
[p3,48,121,1] +Orchestra
[p3,48,121,2] +60s Strings
[p3,49,121,0] Slow Strings
[p3,50,121,0] Syn.Strings1
[p3,50,121,1] +Syn.Strings3
[p3,51,121,0] Syn.Strings2
[p3,52,121,0] Choir Aahs
[p3,52,121,1] +Chorus Aahs
[p3,53,121,0] Voice Oohs
[p3,53,121,1] +Humming
[p3,54,121,0] SynVox
[p3,54,121,1] +Analog Voice
[p3,55,121,0] OrchestraHit
[p3,55,121,1] +Bass Hit
[p3,55,121,2] +6th Hit
[p3,55,121,3] +Euro Hit
[g2] Brass
[p3,56,121,0] Trumpet
[p3,56,121,1] +Dark Trumpet
[p3,57,121,0] Trombone
[p3,57,121,1] +Trombone 2
[p3,57,121,2] +Bright Tb
[p3,58,121,0] Tuba
[p3,59,121,0] MutedTrumpet
[p3,59,121,1] +MuteTrumpet2
[p3,60,121,0] French Horns
[p3,60,121,1] +Fr.Horn 2
[p3,61,121,0] Brass 1
[p3,61,121,1] +Brass 2
[p3,62,121,0] Synth Brass1
[p3,62,121,1] +Pro Brass
[p3,62,121,2] +Oct SynBrass
[p3,62,121,3] +Jump Brass
[p3,63,121,0] Synth Brass2
[p3,63,121,1] +SynBrass sfz
[p3,63,121,2] +Velo Brass 1
[g2] Reed
[p3,64,121,0] Soprano Sax
[p3,65,121,0] Alto Sax
[p3,66,121,0] Tenor Sax
[p3,67,121,0] Baritone Sax
[p3,68,121,0] Oboe
[p3,69,121,0] English Horn
[p3,70,121,0] Bassoon
[p3,71,121,0] Clarinet
[g2] Pipe
[p3,72,121,0] Piccolo
[p3,73,121,0] Flute
[p3,74,121,0] Recorder
[p3,75,121,0] Pan Flute
[p3,76,121,0] Bottle Blow
[p3,77,121,0] Shakuhachi
[p3,78,121,0] Whistle
[p3,79,121,0] Ocarina
[g2] Synth Lead
[p3,80,121,0] Square Wave
[p3,80,121,1] +MG Square
[p3,80,121,2] +2600 Sine
[p3,81,121,0] Saw Wave
[p3,81,121,1] +OB2 Saw
[p3,81,121,2] +Doctor Solo
[p3,81,121,3] +Natural Lead
[p3,81,121,4] +SequencedSaw
[p3,82,121,0] Syn.Calliope
[p3,83,121,0] Chiffer Lead
[p3,84,121,0] Charang
[p3,84,121,1] +Wire Lead
[p3,85,121,0] Solo Vox
[p3,86,121,0] 5th Saw Wave
[p3,87,121,0] Bass & Lead
[p3,87,121,1] +Delayed Lead
[g2] Synth Pad
[p3,88,121,0] Fantasia
[p3,89,121,0] Warm Pad
[p3,89,121,1] +Sine Pad
[p3,90,121,0] Polysynth
[p3,91,121,0] Space Voice
[p3,91,121,1] +Itopia
[p3,92,121,0] Bowed Glass
[p3,93,121,0] Metal Pad
[p3,94,121,0] Halo Pad
[p3,95,121,0] Sweep Pad
[g2] Synth SFX
[p3,96,121,0] Ice Rain
[p3,97,121,0] Soundtrack
[p3,98,121,0] Crystal
[p3,98,121,1] +Syn Mallet
[p3,99,121,0] Atmosphere
[p3,100,121,0] Brightness
[p3,101,121,0] Goblin
[p3,102,121,0] Echo Drops
[p3,102,121,1] +Echo Bell
[p3,102,121,2] +Echo Pan
[p3,103,121,0] Star Theme
[g2] Ethnic Misc.
[p3,104,121,0] Sitar
[p3,104,121,1] +Sitar 2
[p3,105,121,0] Banjo
[p3,106,121,0] Shamisen
[p3,107,121,0] Koto
[p3,107,121,1] +Taisho Koto
[p3,108,121,0] Kalimba
[p3,109,121,0] Bagpipe
[p3,110,121,0] Fiddle
[p3,111,121,0] Shanai
[g2] Percussive
[p3,112,121,0] Tinkle Bell
[p3,113,121,0] Agogo
[p3,114,121,0] Steel Drums
[p3,115,121,0] Woodblock
[p3,115,121,1] +Castanets
[p3,116,121,0] Taiko
[p3,116,121,1] +Concert BD
[p3,117,121,0] Melo. Tom 1
[p3,117,121,1] +Melo. Tom 2
[p3,118,121,0] Synth Drum
[p3,118,121,1] +808 Tom
[p3,118,121,2] +Elec Perc
[p3,119,121,0] Reverse Cym.
[g2] SFX
[p3,120,121,0] Gt.FretNoise
[p3,120,121,1] +Gt.Cut Noise
[p3,120,121,2] +String Slap
[p3,121,121,0] Breath Noise
[p3,121,121,1] +Fl.Key Click
[p3,122,121,0] Seashore
[p3,122,121,1] +Rain
[p3,122,121,2] +Thunder
[p3,122,121,3] +Wind
[p3,122,121,4] +Stream
[p3,122,121,5] +Bubble
[p3,123,121,0] Bird
[p3,123,121,1] +Dog
[p3,123,121,2] +Horse-Gallop
[p3,123,121,3] +Bird 2
[p3,124,121,0] Telephone 1
[p3,124,121,1] +Telephone 2
[p3,124,121,2] +DoorCreaking
[p3,124,121,3] +Door
[p3,124,121,4] +Scratch
[p3,124,121,5] +Wind Chimes
[p3,125,121,0] Helicopter
[p3,125,121,1] +Car-Engine
[p3,125,121,2] +Car-Stop
[p3,125,121,3] +Car-Pass
[p3,125,121,4] +Car-Crash
[p3,125,121,5] +Siren
[p3,125,121,6] +Train
[p3,125,121,7] +Jetplane
[p3,125,121,8] +Starship
[p3,125,121,9] +Burst Noise
[p3,126,121,0] Applause
[p3,126,121,1] +Laughing
[p3,126,121,2] +Screaming
[p3,126,121,3] +Punch
[p3,126,121,4] +Heart Beat
[p3,126,121,5] +Footsteps
[p3,127,121,0] Gun Shot
[p3,127,121,1] +Machine Gun
[p3,127,121,2] +Lasergun
[p3,127,121,3] +Explosion

[mode] XV-5080 Drums
[g1] User Rhythm
[p2,0,86,0] USER:001
[p2,1,86,0] USER:002
[p2,2,86,0] USER:003
[p2,3,86,0] USER:004
[g1] Preset-A
[p2,0,86,64] PopDrumSet 1
[p2,1,86,64] PopDrumSet 2
[g1] Preset-B
[p2,0,86,65] PowerDrumet
[p2,1,86,65] RaveDrumSet
[g1] Preset-C
[p2,0,86,66] JazzDrumSet2
[p2,1,86,66] OrchDrumSet
[g1] Preset-D
[p2,0,86,67] PowerDrmSet2
[p2,1,86,67] PowerRaveSet
[g1] Preset-E
[p2,0,86,68] XV Pop Kit
[p2,1,86,68] XV Rock Kit
[g1] Preset-F
[p2,0,86,69] XV Jazz Kit
[p2,1,86,69] XV Rust Kit
[g1] Preset-G
[p2,0,86,70] XV WayHipKit
[p2,1,86,70] XV Bully Kit
[g1] GM2 Rhythm
[p2,0,120,0] GM2 STANDARD
[p2,8,120,0] GM2 ROOM
[p2,16,120,0] GM2 POWER
[p2,24,120,0] GM2 ELECTRONIC
[p2,25,120,0] GM2 ANALOG
[p2,32,120,0] GM2 JAZZ
[p2,40,120,0] GM2 BRUSH
[p2,48,120,0] GM2 ORCHESTRA
[p2,56,120,0] GM2 SFX

[g1] Preset-A
[p2,0,85,64] Seq:Template
[p2,1,85,64] Seq:Pop
[p2,2,85,64] Seq:LABallad
[p2,3,85,64] Seq:Fusion
[p2,4,85,64] Seq:FunkRock
[p2,5,85,64] Seq:HardRock
[p2,6,85,64] Seq:H.Metal
[p2,7,85,64] Seq:Blues
[p2,8,85,64] Seq:Cont.Jz
[p2,9,85,64] Seq:Ac.Jazz
[p2,10,85,64] Seq:Country
[p2,11,85,64] Seq:Folk
[p2,12,85,64] Seq:Dixie
[p2,13,85,64] Seq:BigBand
[p2,14,85,64] Seq:Latin
[p2,15,85,64] Seq:Africa
[p2,16,85,64] Seq:World
[p2,17,85,64] Seq:Zydeco
[p2,18,85,64] Seq:60’s
[p2,19,85,64] Seq:Gospel
[p2,20,85,64] Seq:PopDance
[p2,21,85,64] Seq:TeknoPop
[p2,22,85,64] Seq:House
[p2,23,85,64] Seq:Hip Hop
[p2,24,85,64] Seq:HardCore
[p2,25,85,64] Seq:Acid
[p2,26,85,64] Seq:Ambient
[p2,27,85,64] Seq:New Age
[p2,28,85,64] Seq:Orch
[p2,29,85,64] Seq:Film
[p2,30,85,64] Seq:Chamber
[p2,31,85,64] Seq:Baroque
[g1] Preset-B
[p2,0,85,65] Dulcimar&Gtr
[p2,1,85,65] DulcitarStk
[p2,2,85,65] Tekno Loop 2
[p2,3,85,65] Rave Attack
[p2,4,85,65] SpaceCarrier
[p2,5,85,65] Terminator
[p2,6,85,65] Symphony JV
[p2,7,85,65] Nebular Vox
[p2,8,85,65] Humming Vox
[p2,9,85,65] Cosmic Dawn
[p2,10,85,65] Labyrinth
[p2,11,85,65] Sweeper
[p2,12,85,65] Stack Pad
[p2,13,85,65] Strobe Pad 2
[p2,14,85,65] Rhythmatic
[p2,15,85,65] Voyage
[p2,16,85,65] S&H Pad
[p2,17,85,65] Cyclic Pad
[p2,18,85,65] White Hole
[p2,19,85,65] EasternSplit
[p2,20,85,65] Tekno Asia
[p2,21,85,65] TeknoSplit 1
[p2,22,85,65] TeknoSplit 2
[p2,23,85,65] TknoPopSplit
[p2,24,85,65] ChildrenSplt
[p2,25,85,65] Purple Split
[p2,26,85,65] PulsingSplit
[p2,27,85,65] Pad / Lead
[p2,28,85,65] Organ / Lead
[p2,29,85,65] Bass / Lead
[p2,30,85,65] S&H / Pad
[p2,31,85,65] Drone / Pipe


still not working.

I think they need to go in your User Library not in Applications folder though as a Windows user I can’t really confirm.

The instructions are here: http://www2.rolandus.com/assets/patch_script_builder/documentation/cubase_readme.pdf