Yahama AG06 not using/detected by 2.03 Yamaha Steinberg USB Drivers

A few days trying to get the drivers to work but I’m almost losing hope. I tried the recommended way first, Install the Drivers and then connect the USB and power ON de AG06, WIN10 detects it and auto-install the generic drivers and ignore Yamaha’s drivers. I tried installing and reinstalling multiple times, tried uninstalling drivers> uninstall the generic audio device drivers on Device Manager> restart the PC and installing the driver> Restart and them connect USB and power on and fail, win10 still installs de generic drivers. I posted on Microsoft forums and Reddit nobody answered. I was using the AG06 with the generic drivers, it works but can’t use the AG DSP it doesn’t connect to the device because the Yamaha drivers doesn’t detect the AG06 (I was really looking forward to use this feature, the reason I bought it) also tried in another PC, same issue, Yamaha drivers doesn’t detect the device properly, I also tried changing settings on the BIOS on the motherboard thinking it was some issue with USB ports, also changing different usb slots even connecting on a PCIE USB expansion card but still nothing.
Using it with the generic drivers I started to notice some high pitch noise when recording and figured out that turning the knobs of CD and Keyboard volume changes this pitch noise and interacts with the Headphones Volume Knob, when the volume knob is either low or high the noise vanishes but in the middle there is noise and it changes pitch when I modulate the Volume knobs from CD, Keyboard and Headphones, so I need to balance all three to get a noiseless signal to the “UBS mic” connection to the PC, pretty weird, I already changed to a new USB 2.0 A B cable and still the same issue. And of course ASIO don’t work on DAWs.

I already had an Audio Interface Roland Tri-Capture and it works fine with its own drivers, used it for years I wanted to upgrade, I’m pretty disappointed and sad with my acquisition of the AG06. Really hope someone can help out.

Here are some screenshots I did showing my issues on attachments:


So… Can anyone help please?

Same thing happens to me with my Yamaha DTX402 drumset and I am growing more and more angry that I can’t use it to record what I want. Resintalled the driver a gazillion times and not once has the drumset showed up in the Steinberg Control Pane device list. It does not even install the sound module for the drums so there is nothing appearing in “Playback” or “Recording” in the Windows Sound control panel. Seeing as you got no answer yet I think that Steinberg doesn’t care about customers at all…

Problem still persists, I’m using it with generic drivers from Windows but I’m still really upset by not having all the functionality I want.

same thing happend to me
Could Someone help me with that?