Yama THR/ Cubase AI Acess code missing

Hi I own an THR10 but dit not take care og the acess codes provided in the Yamaha box. Is it possible to get a new download acess code for Cubase AI?

Hi Glenn

this is a user forum so it’s unlikely anybody here could assist - you will probably need to contact steinberg support directly.

Did you already use the code ? They can only be used once - so if it has been activated and registered the licence should be in your MySteinberg account, and you can move it to a new elicencer

thanks for your reply, I thougt thi was a support forum :slight_smile: I havent used the code, I simply trew away the THR box with all the documentation… I will contact Steinberg but also get a new THR30 in few weeks, will check out Cubase then for simple recording purposes

Hi Glenn - it’s a ‘user’ support forum :slight_smile: - although Steinberg employees do help out but it’s not ‘official’ support.

If you register your THR at MySteinberg you can submit a support ticket there. Steinberg are ‘usually’ fairly good with this kind of thing, but no promises - good luck