Yamaha 01x no longer supported!

Here’s another point on my list of complaints.
My beloved Yamaha 01x is no longer supported.
It did in 6.07. Now I can only use generic Macky support.
I cant use zoom and the remote mixer controls anymore

Can this be fixed or is there a patch for this device somewhere?

Also got many random runtime errors in cubase 7

Pfff I want my money back!

Its not in de device list
But you can use mackie control and set the o1x on general instead off cubase.
Also the setting for cubase on the o1x works
Though cubase 7 crashes to many, perhaps because they dont support the o1x anymore, or somting with the firewire driver?
Its a shame yamaha can not make a proper driver for win 7, so people with steinberg (yamaha) software can still use them

With the work around on win 7 and cubase 6.5 never had any problems

Greetz Jan

Thnx I already discovered what went wrong. I choose midi 4 instead of 0 in the device setup. And no there isnt a specific 01x device anymore but there is no difference as far as I can see. (so I deleted this thread (I thought at least)

The only big problem is that there will be no 64 driver so I have to sell this machine to buy a device that has a suitable driver because I am often confronted by the limitations of 32bit and the max RAM I can use.

Which remote devices are listes now?
Can you assing any hardware button or rotary encoder to any action?

Hi everyting is working right now
I renamed the steinberg folder in appdata roaming…(tip from the steinberg boys)
Restarted cubase 6.5 and 7, the next problem is the missing soundfiles in halion sonic therfore i pasted the backed up map with the new one.
And renamed it again to steinberg
The O1x is again working with the mackie control in control devices.
I worked a couple of hours wit cubase, no problems at all

Greetz Jan

I’m having problems with 01x and cubase 7.0.2 (windows 7 32bits)
Almost nothing responding correctly.

It was working on 7.0.1 (mackie control - general)

anyone working with 01x on cubase 7.0.2 ?

Mario Gil

Hi to O1x users

A long time ago a saved an instruction how to install the o1x driver with a 64b win7 machine
It was on a o1x forum which doesnt exist anymore

If there is any interest, i can post it here

Greetings Jan

Hi Jan,

I think you can help all 01x users posting these instructions.
Maybe you could even create a new topic. something like “cubase, 01x and win64”
Best regards

Ik made a new topic on O1x


Hey Guys . Perhaps you could help me make a decision here.
I love my Yamaha 01x but as you know , the drivers don’t exist for windowas 7 and upwards .
But I’ve read that you can install windows XP 01x drivers and it will work fine with windows 7 32 Bit .

My questions are :
(1) Should I upgrade to windows 7 ( cause my windows vista is dieng )?
(2) will the 01x drivers made for windowsXP really work with windows 7 32bit ?
(3) should I just say asta la vista to both my 01X and my WINDOWS VISTA ?
(4) is there a Yamaha 01x alternative out there ? ( I love the headroom I get with outboard desks )

I have many more questions

Thanks in advance


Hi! I can’t find you post - can you plese give a link?