Yamaha 01x users??? experts

Hi all I am new to the forum and joined cos I treated myself to the Yamaha 01x, I had one when they came out a decade ago but sold it RELUCTANTLY cos the wife thought it was another of my EXPENSIVE TOYS so I was forced to sell it. HOWEVER NO WIFE so now I am once again a proud owner of this SUBURB machine. Best xmas present I have had for YEARS !! if and when I get it working

I am wanting to ask if there are still owners/users out there or others who are knowledgeable as I am having serious issues cos I am thick, getting old and blind !!! erm yeah I hit 50 last month so do I really need any excuses?

I have built a computer, AMD1055T (6 cores) 16Gb Ram, Creative X-Fi Fidelity (with the front I/O connection box), SSD250 and terabits of storage. It currently has XP32 sp3 installed with STANDARD Yamaha 01x mlan tools (from the original CD/DVD) installed so its a virgin build. I can get the guitar to play on the 01x through the monitor/headphones HOWEVER I have as yet been unable to configure SY01 Cubase Cakewalk Guitar Rig etc and to be honest LOST !! ie no routing of sound from the 01x to the computer apps and the soundcard.

The 01x is working perfectly with and integrated into Yamaha Studio Manager so I guess I am at ground zero, the rest has me pulling my hair out.

I have a couple guitars (Ibanez RG470s) and keyboards Yamaha DGX2 and PSR E413) and a Yamaha RMX1 that I would like to bridge/connect through the 01x to the computer.

Question is where do I start and how? I appreciate the system uses Asio/mLan and Midi but also has WDM and MME but still trying to grasp what does what and why and how and where they are applicable to. Software isnt an issue nor VSTs, setup is.