Yamaha AG06 & Cubase AI

What is the latest version of the cubae AI that can be used for Yamaha AG06?


You can use any Cubase version. If you are asking what license you should install, double-check your MySteinberg account or eLCC application (but start Maintenance first here) to see, what licence did you get.

With the Yamaha AG06 I’ve got the code for Cubase AI 8.
I’ve added the code to my account but did not activated it yet.
So I am asking about which version I can use? should I stick to version 8 of Cubase AI or I can use any recent versions of Cubase AI if there is any of course.
Or I need to pay in order to use a more recent version then v.8?
Thanks a lot Martin


Most probably you will get the latest Cubase AI 10.5 if you would activate your Cubase now for the first time. I’m sorry I’m not 100% to witch Cubase editions is Grace Period valid (I mean it’s valid for Pro/Artist/Elements, but I’m not sure with the OEM editions LE/AI.

Just activate it. If you are allowed to get 10.5 license, it will be downloaded to your eLCC immediately.