Yamaha AIC128-D Firmware and Driver

Can someone running Windows 11 and using a Yamaha AIC128-D confirm your firmware version, and also your driver version (from Device Manager). Thanks in advance!

We just set up a new Win 11 Pro PC to replace the old Win 10 Pro PC. We installed the card and now every time I select the ASIO driver for the Yamaha AIC128-D in Studio Setup, Nuendo freezes. I noticed that the driver I installed said version 2.04 on the Yamaha website, but when I check in Device Manager it says version 1.81, which is odd. Our Dante card currently has firmware version 4.01 installed.

I don’t have a Yamaha AIC128-D.

You should be able to update the Dante part from within Dante controller.
And you can try to update the cards firmware with Dante controller as well.

That’s the Dante version of the card. It’s outdated.

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Thanks for the suggestion! However, Yamaha has a special firmware update tool for the accelerator card. It’s not done through Dante Controller.

4.0.1 is the card’s firmware (Product) version and is what Yamaha recommends on their compatibility list for Nuage/Nuendo 12/Windows 11, along with driver version 2.0.4 for the accelerator card.

Thanks! Looks like your driver version is, too, so it must not be the driver. Just to verify, are you running Windows 11 and Nuendo 12, too? Thx in advance!!

Are you sure that Dante controller doesn’t have a new Dante Version (not the cards’ firmware) for your card?
My cards (A&H) show 4.3 or above.

Unfortunately no. There is an update for my NIO500-A16 in Dante Controller, but not for the accelerator card.

I created a support ticket with Yamaha. Hopefully they can deep a little deeper with this issue.

Thanks for all of the replies, guys!! Truly appreciate your time and attention!!

Yes Win 11 with Nuendo 12.5.2 I think.

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Do you know if you got that firmware version directly from Dante Controller? If you still have it available, do you mind sharing it (would be super-cool if you still had it!!)? I can’t find it anywhere. The highest Dante firmware version I can find is, and that’s bundled with the 4.0.1 accelerator card firmware from the Yamaha site.

Thx, in advance! Yamaha support is saying that they are experiencing heavy volume so it could be a while before they get back to me, so I thought I’d try the forum one more time.

Thanks for verifying!

Update: it’s working now!

It wasn’t an issue with the driver or the firmware. I was using a Thunderbolt PCIe enclosure (Sonnet Echo Express SE I) with the Yamaha Dante accelerator card and I guess that the accelerator card didn’t like being in it with Windows 11 because it worked perfectly fine with the Windows 10 PC that we are replacing. I also have a BlackMagic Decklink Mini Monitor 4K that was plugged directly into my motherboard’s PCIe slot, so I just swapped the two cards and now everything is working fine. The accelerator card is working perfectly plugged directly into my motherboard and the Decklink card is working perfectly in the Thunderbolt enclosure.

Yes. Dante controller provided it.
Dante Firmware isn’t the same version on all devices.
Connected two devices to the home PC, both use the latest available software.