Yamaha ASIO driver

I don’t have this driver installed and would like to add it. The driver that I am finding has USB in the name. Is that the one that I want to install? I am running Cubase 10. As far as I can tell Cubase didn’t install a ASIO driver with either 9.5 or 10. Unless that is where the generic driver came from. I am currently using one that came from Magix, but I am considering uninstalling their software and am not sure if that will remove their driver. Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

Why do you want to install it? It makes sense to install it only, if you own/use any Yamaha/Steinberg USB Audio Interface. If you use different Audio Interface, use the vendor driver, please.

OK. I don’t have that interface. I was thinking if I un-install the Magix software, then it might un-install the Magix ASIO driver that I am using. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought I needed to use some ASIO driver to have input and output (sound).

I mostly input my music with a mouse. But I do have a Novation keyboard that I use sometimes as well.

Yes, you do need an ASIO driver but if you don’t have an ASIO driver specific to your audio interface or sound card/chip then the best option to start with is usually Steinberg’s “Generic Low Latency ASIO driver” which comes with Cubase.

Sometimes you may get better performance with a third party driver such as ASIO4ALL or indeed your Magix one.

The Yamaha ASIO driver, however, is, as Martin says, for specific Yamaha and/Steinberg interfaces.

OK. Thanks. I understand now.

I guess I got confused because when I opened Cubase, it showed that USB driver as a new release, so I thought it was the Cubase driver. But I wondered why it said USB. I’m glad I asked.

I do see the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver that you mentioned in my list.

Thanks again.