Yamaha Audiogram3 but no CubaseAI5

Hi all,

some years ago I got a gift which was a Yamaha Audiogram3 with the Cubase AI 5. I played a lot with it during that time but I haven’t used it since that period.

I installed the Cubase in my old computer which is now broken. The cd-rom is lost. So I only have the yamaha device but no software to use it.

Is there anyway that I can download the software to install it in my new computer and activate it? I still have noted the activation code that I used for my Cubase AI 5. Does somebody know how is the issue of the license?

I hope not to have problems, I still have copies of the emails I kept with steinberg support members that helped me in the activation of the software. Maybe they can serve as a proof…

Thank you vey much for your help.


Here you can download the full Cubase AI 5.1.1 installator (ISO). If you install Cubase on the new computer, you have to Reactivate it.