I am struggling to record the voices of my Yamaha CP300. My setup:

  1. Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano connecto to PC via USB
  2. Behringer Euphoria UMC202HD for audio track recording
  3. CUbase Ai4 that was supplied when I bought the CP300

I can succesfully record VST instrument tracks that shows the midi data below the track.

How do I select the actual Yamaha CP300 voices in Cubase and record it so thaat I can see the MIDI data. At this stage I can only record an audio track but then it does not display the midi data. If I use a MIDI track it records the voice and the data but it changes the voice even if after recording when I select a different voice on the CP300.

Should I setup a new device in the MIDI device manager? How do I do that for the CP300. I have tried setting up a GM and XG device but cannot find the voices once I am on the project screen.


Hi and welcome,

All your observation is correct.

If you record audio signal from your CP300, this is already the final signal, so no MIDI data, you cannot change the data. At the other hand, if you record MIDI data, the audio is still generated from your CP300. So if you change the sound/patch at your CP300, the playback sound changes.

So the way is to record the MIDI data first, then edit it, and once you are happy with it, record it as an Audio (backup the MIDI data). Then you can record other (MIDI) track.


I have installed Cubase AI 10.5. In the Midi Device Manager I could find the Yamaha CP300 to install. I did the installation. If I then load a Midi track in my project I am able to see and select the different voices that is available for the Yamaha CP300 in the Inspector window. However, it does not matter which voice I choose there is no sound playing in the project.

All other VST instruments are playing sound except if I choose the installed Yamaha CP300.

What am I doing wrong?


Yamaha CP300 is playing the sound over its own sound generator. You should hear the sound from the internal speakers, or in the connected headphones.

To get the audio to Cubase, you have to connect its output to your Audio Device Input, Add an Audio track, set the correct input and enable Monitor on the Audio track.