Yamaha Dante and a bad technician choice of Yamaha customer

Someone of the Yamaha serious technician want to explain to their Italian customer care the truth about Yamaha Dante driver with Windows 8.1
They don’t Know that is “Rock Solid” than the OS… At today they speak about things that they don’t know and Yamaha paid… Wake-up and go to work…

Indeed, Master, this situation becomes even more ridiculous if you think that everything has been resolved with a single IP address…

What’s the problem guys?


The problem is the incredible bad knows of the Yamaha customer care…Italy
Response 1.
Nuendo Live with Dante is a big problem why you don’t use Apple with Logic ?
Response 2. Yamaha Dante’s driver with Windows 8.1 is too bad, why you don’t use Apple? Is more stable…

Resolution of the Problem by us on stage with hard work
Change IP on the cpu with Dante and everything go better…Rock Solid with Win 8.1 and Nuendo Live.
Philosophy now?
Not prepared or payed by Apple?

Obviously the resolution of the problem with the word “hard work” is a joke.


You are telling us that the Yamaha representative told you that? :open_mouth:
So, you are complaining about it, but at the end you fixed the problem your self is that correct?

Best regards,

Yes the Yamaha representative told me that and yes we fix the problem (with Angelo_C) on stage at the rehearsal…and sorry for my english


I believe you are referring to the soon-to-be-ex Yamaha representative, aren’t you? :mrgreen:

Way to go Angelo! And your English is 50 times better than my Italian.


Glad to hear you solved the problem by changing the IP on the CPU with the Dante card.
We will investigate about the matter.

Best regards,