Yamaha DGX-650 Audio in Cubase AI8

Hi everyone.

I have a Yamaha MX49 and a Yamaha DGX-650, and I have been able to get the MX to work with the VST instruments in Cubase, but not the DGX. I downloaded the latest MIDI-USB driver for the DGX, and when I play on the DGX, I can see it triggering events in Cubase, but there is no audio. For the MX, the ASIO driver appears on the Device Setup screen, but the only choice when the DGX is connected is the Generic Low Latency driver. When I choose this, I don’t get any audio. In the MIDI device setup, there is a Portable Grand-1 which works for receiving and sending MIDI data to and from the DGX, but I can’t seem to get audio from the VST instruments when they are triggered from the DGX.
Looking for some thoughts/advice on what to change in my settings.

I’m running Cubase AI8 on a Surface Pro 3.

Is the “local” setting set to off or on?

It needs to be set to “off” if you want to use a VST instrument for sound. If so, don’t forget to choose the VST Instrument and a VST Sound.

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Thanks Prock.

The local setting was off. I think I have it figured out now. There was one other screen that I had to access which seems to have made the difference.