Yamaha DM7 as DAW controller

Today I’ve been playing with this amazing console.
It’s a small but powerfull machine and includes a DAW controller mode.
The unit I have been using was not connected to any DAW so only saw the controllers in the screen when this mode was selected and the unique template that you can select is “Steinberg”, so I suppose Nuendo control has been implemented but I don’t know how deep it is.
I’ve been searching in the reference manual but no word about it.
It could be a good replacement for Nuage. Anyone has more info?

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I’ve only seen Andy mention it on the Yamaha YouTube channel. He said there would be a video on it later. I haven’t purchased a DM3 yet so I didn’t look for it. Let us know though!

Interested to see what you find on its control ability. With the new release of the CTL-DM7 Module it’s good to see that Yamaha is seeing the need for more studio-focused controls. But 6k is a hard pill to swallow just for a center section. It’ll be interesting to see how this series of mixers moves forward. Still hoping they make a control only version. Don’t really need a live console yet. :sweat_smile:

We use our Yamaha DM2000 to control Nuendo. It is fantastic. We installed the Yamaha’s Studio app (name?) and Yamaha Midi driver (name?) on our Windows PC so you can control the mixer from the computer. Nuendo recognizes them. In Nuendo you assign the midi channels to the app which controls the mixer. Now Nuendo saves and restores every mixer settings for each Nuendo project while the mixer controls Nuendo and visa versa.

I”m using DM2000 too in combination with an AVID MC Transport and an AVID Artist Mix.
It gets a deep control of Nuendo and I’m very happy with it. Using a Dante card also with DM2000 you get a wholw system.
DM7 returns this concept with more mix power but it would be nice to extract a kind of controller from this serie as controller.