Yamaha Dx7 Midi Device Map anyone?

hi there,

i was wondering if anyone on this planet :sunglasses: has ever built a midi device map for a yamaha dx7?

searched on the net quite a while and didn’t found anything on midi devices or xml files (to import) for the dx7.
(i know there’s editors but i didn’t found one that works out for me as my dx has some kind of autofire midiout problem)…

i’ve started to build my own and stuck when i found out that i can’t go further to implement the CC’s when they are higher as 127. the dx7 has CC’s way above 127, parameters like “algorihtm” or “feedback” are on CC135 / CC136, i can’t add them to the device parameters / controllers. does anyone know how to solve this?

its a bit frustrating to be honest :wink: maybe somebody is having or had the same problems…

thanks in advance :exclamation:

Midi Quest 11