Yamaha Follow The Lights

I want to create a MIDI file with Cubasis 3 on iPad that assigns different channel numbers to each staff.

But, it seems like changing the MIDI out channel number for one staff changes it for the other staffs.

Ultimately, I’d like to use this MIDI file with a Yamaha keyboard that uses the channel number to figure out the notes for the left and right hands.

What should I be looking at to do this?

www 8notes com/scores/21466.asp

Hi @MusicalMike,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.
Normally it should be possible to set the channel as desired in the Cubasis inspector.

Would you be able to create a short clip which shows the steps leading to the issue?


I found a way to resolve my issue.

In my case, I used notion (on iPad) to create a score and then I exported it to a MIDI file; after that, I imported it into cubasis to modify the assigned output channels in the MIDI file.

For whatever reasons, changing the MIDI output channel in cubasis didn’t seem to change the MIDI output channel in my exported (via mix down) MIDI file.

My final solution: I opened up my MIDI file in Logic Pro and then I used its MIDI editor to modify the MIDI output channel of the MIDI notes, in each part, using bulk edits.

So I’m guessing that cubasis doesn’t change the MIDI output channel that’s associated with the MIDI notes from an imported MIDI file; if that’s the case, I don’t know how to use cubasis to modify (using bulk edits) the MIDI output channel for the notes in each imported MIDI part like I did in Logic Pro.

I plan to ask presonus if notion can export the correct MIDI output channels to avoid this rework step.