Yamaha funded buyout and merger of Steinberg with Native Instruments

Think of the synergy and possibilities of Native Instruments combining its technology and 3rd party sound library ecosystem with Cubase and the Yamaha synth and keyboard ecosystem:

  1. Halion and KONTAKT could use the same underlying sample engine - combining the best features forom both. For a time Halion would appear identical to how it does now - only with added support for NI libraries behind the scenes and merging of how automation and control is handled.

2 ) Having KONTAKT in the Steinberg ecosystem would allow better integration into VST 3 and thus Cubase itself.

3 ) Better support throughout for Kontakt string libraries in Cubase

4 ) A big one - Yamaha, NI or Steinberg ( via use of Yamaha’s best manufacturing resources ) could launch a new line of stage keyboards which use KONTAKT libraries - in RAM optimised form. There cold even be rack mounted type plugin servers for supporting the VST libraries more substantially -aimed specifically at the new stage keyboards - as an alternative to MainStage type rigs - where robustness of operation coupled with huge RAM into track devices were combined optimally. For example redundancy could be built into the rack units so a keyboardist would have a Kontakt supporting stage keyboard connected via ethernet (DANTE) to two KONTAKT server rack units working in failover redundancy mode.

5 ) Steinberg could optimise NI’s. KOMPLETE KONTROL. software and infrastructure (NKS ) for Cubase. AND a future version of VST3 - allowing a much more sophisticated amount of hardware integration and tie-ins between VST hosts etc - with Cubase leading the way.

Imagine if Cubase on the iPad could run RAM-optimised. Kontakt and REAKTOR libraries!
Imagine if a stage keyboard made by Yamaa could run both of these two - merging existing tech in Yamaha synths such as AWM too…

Imagine an ultimate composer-studio based keyboard controller range which focused on Cubase control and NI libraries to the max.

And after we take over NI we can take over VSL and next even Adobe. By then we’ll be strong enough to take over ProTools, just to spite 'em and shut them down hard. They. Need. To. Suffer. At this point Logic will be huddled in the corner weeping and begging for mercy. We will show them none…

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Let’s see if N.I. Survive, Uli Behringer Said he could use 50 of the fired employees.
What is more worrisome is that many of layoffs are really competent in their field.
Native support for Kontakt libraries in Halion would be a game changer.

If anything, I can see NI release their own sequencer to compete with Steinberg and others!
They may buy one of the others, maybe buy the rights to Cakewalk/Sonar, tweak it here and there and release it as their own, with a tight integration to their sample libraries/instruments and hardware to create their own eco system! They can then create a subscription model for a complete music studio (hardware/software) which is the trend these days and if rumours/statements are to be believed, it’s what NI will be doing going forward.

For Steinberg, they need to release a new version (new program) which is easier and quicker to use as many beginners are daunted by Cubase initially, compared to Reason, FL Studio or Ableton, it’s more difficult to use, it’s not “kid friendly” enough! Or maybe introduce skins for Cubase where you can have a kid friendly GUI, or a mature version skin for the rest.