Yamaha keyboard powers down and will not come back online

I’m on Cubase Studio 5 and I have a Yamaha P-115 (more details below). They keyboard powers down after 30 minutes of activity and, when I turn it back on, it no longer works in my project; I have to close down Cubase and start back up again to make everything right again.

Is there any kind of refresh button or some other way to get Cubase to recognize when a device has come online?

Thanks for your help!

Win7 64GB
i7 2.8 GHz
RME Babyface interface
Cubase Studio 5

I bet that you have the usb port set to shut down automatically after 30 minutes. Go to the Windows power saving setting area and disable it.

And yes… you noticed that you have to restart Cubase for it to recognize the keyboard again. That’s the way it works (no refresh button). This concern has been a feature request for years. I am happy to say this has finally been fixed in Cubase 9. So for you… sorry unless you upgrade.

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Well, that’s one reason to upgrade :wink:

It’s not the USB port that’s shutting down, it’s the actual keyboard. Thanks for your reply, though, now I can upgrade or just make a robot that presses a key every 29 minutes.

So… checking further I see that your keyboard has an auto power down function that shuts it down after 30 minutes. This can be disabled. I copied a bit from page 10 of your users manual but there is more to read in the manual so check it out. Good luck.

To prevent unnecessary power consumption, this
function automatically turns the power off if no but-
tons or keys are operated for approximately 30 min-
utes. If desired, you can disable or enable this
To disable the Auto Power Off function:
When the instrument is turned off:
While holding down the lowest key (A-1), press the
] (Standby/On) switch to turn on the power so that
the power indicator flashes three times, after which
the Auto Power Off function is disabled.

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