Yamaha KX Extension

KX 8 working (mostly) in Cubase Artist 11.
All the buttons in the “DAW REMOTE” section are working
… 6 of them are assignable.
But I can’t get the 4 KNOBS in the “CONTROL” section to do anything !!!
I think they have always been restricted to controlling parameters in
older versions of some CUBASE synths.

I’m not familiar with this keyboard, but you can probably map the knobs to control VST 3 parameters by using MIDI Learn, or to Cubase functions by using the Generic Remote. You might have to look into the keyboard’s settings.

Cubase 12 made these things a lot more intuitive with the MIDI Remote revamp.

This is an update to my own post a few days ago.
This is in reference to the use of surface controls on the Yahaha KX8
midi keyboard.
Among the features are 4 rotary knobs x 2banks = 8 assignable options
After a week of manual reading and hair pulling research
I have them working as intended
They work most easily with the built-in CONTROL TEMPLATES
no need to use support software ( KX Editor )
e.g. PROLOGUE … just load the template and …
set Studio Setup to Remote Devices = Yamaha KX
set MIDI Input = Yamaha KX-2
then the ROTARY knobs will link to PROLOGUE

I also manage to have the Knobs move the volume sliders
in HALION SONIC SE ( independently of the PROJECT MIX CONSOLE )