Yamaha KX Extension

My Yamaha KX8 advanced Cubase functions don’t work. My KX extensions are installed. I have the KX set up as a remote device, and have the MIDI channels set up according to what always worked before (transport set to KX MIDI 3, etc.)

The device works fine as a keyboard. I remember having to wait for an updated driver for this all to work in Cubase 7. I’ve heard no mention of the issue in 7.5, though. Anybody else have one working, or are there just too few KX users left to matter any more?


I have a KX8 working correctly in Cubase 7.5.30. I’m using USB driver 1.8.3. MIDI input and output are both to KX2. Give that a try and let us know how you get on.

All is well. Thanks. Setting the MIDI I/O to KX 2 did the trick. Not what it says in the manual, but then, what do they know? :laughing:

Great - have fun. My settings are remembered by Cubase so I don’t have to keep re-entering them.

I just built new machine and had to reinstall everything. It has been so long since the last one I don’t remember a lot of the setup detail. I guess this means I was fortunate to get it right once and never have to worry about it again, but then one forgets. :blush:

I just noticed the “thanks” tally in the right panel. Does anyone know how it is generated? Check my response a couple of messages above, then look at my tally.

I hereby assert the counter isn’t accurate. I know I’ve thanked more than is indicated, and have been thanked more than that, too. What’s the point of the counter if it isn’t accurate?

When I upgrade to 7.5 I read on the Yamaha Driver down load site that
the KX tools is no longer supported for C 7.5 or limited use ,
But other than that My KX runs Like a Dream

Running well here on KX Editor 1.2.1 and Yamaha USB-MIDI driver 3.1.3

I have KX Remote tools 1.1.3 - KX Editor V1.2.3 . KX Extensions V1.6.3… I believe they are the latest
and Midi Driver 1.3.2 …
The info that I have is Control Templates are not properly selected on midi tracks.
The VSTi scan for plugins not always work properly … if you have a a older version of cubase
like 7 and v 7.5 on the same computer then it scans v7 and then it will work in 7.5
they are they only functions that or they say not supported
I think and Im not sure that you can make templates and assign them manually


Here is a link to the PDF with the info anyone have any thoughts or Ideas please share …
upgrading to the MX is pretty pricey for now like to get as much use out of the KX for

Hello I am a newbe re MIDI.
I have newly upgrded from Cubase 6.0 via 7.0 to 7.5
I use windows 7
I have bought a Yamaha KX25 MIDI keybord and controller.
What do I have to do to make the conroller work?
I could not find the Yamaha KX25 in the list.
I can play music with it!
I hope that someone are able to help me?!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

If you have a manual, look at page 25 which explains the procedure for installing the extensions for Steinberg DAW. You shouls also have an installation disk - do you have them? If not, they can be downloaded.


Have you had any success yet? Please let us know.



Is Yamaha KX8 fully functional (faders, control, DAW Remote) with CUBASE 5 or 7 ? Which drivers do I have to install to
be able to use all the keyboard’s features?

I certainly had full functionality using C7 (my KX8 doesn’t have faders).

Download the appropriate USB MIDI driver and you will need the Yamaha Remote Tools installed, which enable communication to parameters in Cubase.

From here: Yamaha Downloads

Then when installed, go to Cubase/Devices and find the KX8. From memory, I use MIDI 2 for both entries (but I’ll check). Then play the KX8 and see if the controls do anything. Let us know how you get on.

Anyone with Cubase 8 have any luck, When I got 8 I decided to do afresh Install
I have not install the KX drivers and KX tools Im using a Acorn 61 now
I would love to use my KX but to afraid to install and setup, 7,5 and 8
are no longer supported … but my Question is do they mean the vsti part of it
the already made Templates, But if I was to make new templates would that solve
everything .


My KX8 works with Cubase 8.0.5. Look at my previous post and download the drivers and tools as mentioned there.

Hi Guys

I’ve also got a similar problem to this - am now on Cubase 8.5, and have previously used the KX8 with Cubase 5, which worked great. I’ve downloaded and installed the Midi-USB driver and Yamaha Remote tools, and have carried out the initial scan with KX Editor. Also, I’ve activated ports 2 and 3 in the Device Set-up. But, no joy. Midi keyboard works fine, but pressing any of the DAW buttons just makes notes sound.

Am on a Mac, so as far as I could see, I didn’t need to remove the previous Yamaha Extensions. Restarted DAW and the Mac numerous times.

Is there anything obvious I’m missing?


Same problem here, but when I updated to latest driver (for KX Extensions) everything worked again. (PC)

Hi everybody>. Does anyone still have Yamaha KX working in CB 10 Pro?
I need help to figure out what I am doing wrong.