Yamaha Legacy Tech In Halion

I’ve always wondered if Steinberg being a “division” of Yamaha has hurt them in ways that maybe Korg or whomever don’t have to deal with.

Like why not bring back FDSP. Or VL. Or even let us have the AN engine! What about all that FM action of the Montage?

Going forward…since I am the unofficial product developer of Halion (heeee.heeee)…they need to UNIFY THE PRODUCT LINEUP. I’m not SAYING pull a Roland…but them putting all their products on the same “core” was a SWEET MOVE.

Also, why not make a dedicated Midi controller for Halion? Like make it a REAL alternative to people who don’t want to spend 4K on a hardware synth.

There seems to be some tension there. Like there is a concern that the software will hurt hardware sales…but that boat took off for the moon a LONG time ago. Time to make Halion the leader of the pack. Right now…it’s still possible. Yes, Kontakt has market share but it’s JUST A SAMPLER. Halion has WAY more sound design possibilities.


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