Yamaha Legacy Tech In Halion

I’ve always wondered if Steinberg being a “division” of Yamaha has hurt them in ways that maybe Korg or whomever don’t have to deal with.

Like why not bring back FDSP. Or VL. Or even let us have the AN engine! What about all that FM action of the Montage?

Going forward…since I am the unofficial product developer of Halion (heeee.heeee)…they need to UNIFY THE PRODUCT LINEUP. I’m not SAYING pull a Roland…but them putting all their products on the same “core” was a SWEET MOVE.

Also, why not make a dedicated Midi controller for Halion? Like make it a REAL alternative to people who don’t want to spend 4K on a hardware synth.

There seems to be some tension there. Like there is a concern that the software will hurt hardware sales…but that boat took off for the moon a LONG time ago. Time to make Halion the leader of the pack. Right now…it’s still possible. Yes, Kontakt has market share but it’s JUST A SAMPLER. Halion has WAY more sound design possibilities.



I think Yamaha should really just get off their butts and start releasing plugins of their legacy tech similar to Roland, but not be a subscription.
A plugin of a classic motif with the ability to load patches from Yamaha.
DX series, TX81Z
Effects processor(s)
(to start with)

I am most interested in where digital products are able to be re-written fully as opposed to a new wave of modelling, which is cool in its own right but it is something a bit different.
Roland haven’t done a full-on Fantom plugin but the XV-5080 sound is amazing, how it is a virtual clone of the hardware, and the improved sonic capability coupled with the very high quality effects and programming have IMO made it sound even better than the original.

I’m totally with you beerbong. Having an AN1X Plugin available as an extra engine inside HALion would be amazing. Like literally amazing.

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Well they split the difference with you by giving you a MODX FM engine??

Amadeus e.d.p.

Halion already has an AN engine. It sounds as good or better than any of the other Yamaha AN hardware I’ve had (PLG150-AN, EX5r AN, AN200, AN1x).
Halion is much more advanced than any of those AN engines though.

In the Halion survey that shows when you fire it up, I let them know that I would like to see a VL engine included.
Also, the FDSP from the EX5. I think Halion can do some stuff similar to FDSP, but I haven’t explored it all that much yet.

I did that too

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Kontakt isn’t a sampler - you can’t record samples with it.
You can play samples with it, and load in sample libraries.
But with Halion, you can record samples.

This is now reality with HALion 7. I’ve been having a lot of fun in recent days using old TX81Z patches as starting points for new sounds. I would not be for emulation of old hardware (I already have too much of that) but it’s great to be able to build upon prior work.


Agreed, it never was … I think the term ROMpler was appropriated from the C64/Atari world and is not a good description, but Kontakt might be best described as a “sample player with extensive audio modification features”.

There are thousands of DX7 patches online.
I had a lot of them saved already and I’ve been using them with the ‘import’ function in FM Zone. They all seem to work fine.

Sorry guys, this things make me laugh.
Module which use samples (with importing samples, complex wave editing, sample mapping\layering). Is by rights can be called Sampler. Period.
Where is it written that realtime recording is a mandatory part of the sampler? (Maybe it’s about the Looper?).
No, I agree that this is an fun feature (and I hope it works as it should in Halion), but it is (in relation to the samplers in particular) become replaced, and practically just auxiliar nuance in ITB. When there is not only import of samples with two clicks, but also simplest dragndrop. Or i’m wrong.

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It’s simple.

A sampler can record and play samples.
A sample player can play samples.

All the other features are frosting on the cake.

Felis yes i did understand your point, It’s ok, let’s samplers will be sample players for some users, nothing bad.

If it can’t actually sample and edit its own material, its not a sampler…

My XV3080 does nothing but play back samples… Roland never once called that a sampler, and it certainly doesn’t have the features for manipulating audio files like my EMU sitting right above it in the rack.

Just like the XV-5080 which can actually load pre-made samples, but also isn’t a sampler. They’re romplers plain and simple. They playback static PCM waveforms stored in their ROM.

Bring back XG stuff and Embracer

You clearly haven’t heard a Yamaha An1X. It sounds nothing like the built in VA engine of Halion. I DO agree I like the sound of the Halion Va engine better but different DSP.

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If you’re talking to me - as I stated, I had an AN1x, anEX5r (with AN), an AN 200, and a plg150-AN that I used in an S80 keyboard, a CS6X keyboard, and a Motif ES rack.

I didn’t say they all sounded the same, I only said that Halion has an AN engine that sounds as good or better than any of the other Yamaha AN hardware I’ve had. Halion is more advanced than any of the others I’ve had though.

And I’m gonna hit the reverse as I think I was waaaay to aggressive here. I think were just talking about flavors. Does a Jupiter 8 sound “better” than a Juno 60? Most would say yes, but it’s nice to have both!

I’m just saying that Yamaha needs to do a MUCH BETTER job at CELEBRATING their victories. Roland’s, tho many…were ACCIDENTAL most of the time.

I would unify the product code. Then offer engines “wherever”. Either Halion or Montage or whatever is next. To ME Halion FEELS like very old code so I assume it’s probably a PC port of the Montage codebase. I could be wrong.

Anyway. I DO think Halion is the best. It crashes a LOT on Mac M1, but it’s very flexible. I’m really wondering what Falcon is like. I don’t think it is a true “workstation” though.

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