Yamaha MD8 as a mixer for Cubase 5?

I recently aquired a Yamaha ‘MD8’ MinDisk hardware DAW, and having spoken to a Yamaha rep about it, I’ve been told it can be used as a mixing desk as long as I have MiniDisks, which I do.
However, I was wondering which connections and wires I’d have to use to be able to use it in Cubase as a mixer or to allow Cubase to accept it as hardware.

If it helps I can supply you with a diagram of the inputs/outputs of the MD8, sound card details and other such things.

Furthermore, I was wondering if I could use the Rec, Play and stop buttons and scrubbing dial on the MD8 somehow? How could I connect the Yamaha up to allow me to use these features?
Thank you

Does it have its own ASIO driver? MIDI connections?

Has MIDI, I’m not sure about an ASIO driver. I just want to send it through my soundcard though.

Well, MIDI is needed if you want to set up a Generic Remote to control Transport functions. As far as audio goes, it would depend on the # of mixer outs and soundcard ins as to what you could do with it.

Okay, I’ve got Audio working, how do I set up a generic remote?

Operations Manual-Index-Generic Remote, but you don’s say whether the device transmits MIDI.

I think it does. It has a MIDI input, output and a ‘thru’ (not sure what this is).