Yamaha MG10UX with Cubase

Good afternoon all,
I’m trying to use my Yamaha MG10UX with Cubase and I’m having a few problems.

I’m trying to use the Mic input to record guitar. It’s labled as Mono In 1 and Mono In 2 in VST Connections.
I’m also trying to use the mixer’s Stereo Out to hear what is being played and recorded, but those inputs are also labeled Mono In 1 & 2, without any options to change this.

The mixer is connected via USB, and all the processing seems to be done with the mixer itself-- recording, playback, volume on tracks, everything.

This is problematic while I’m recording. I have a drum track that’s a wav file. When I try to record the guitar on a separate track, the drums end up on that track as well. I don’t know how to isolate so that Cubase only uses the drums to play back, and only records what goes in through my mixer input.

Anyone with experience using this mixer, your help would be really appreciated.