Yamaha MG10XU moxing console and Cubase LE

I received a license for. Cubase LE (i dont have the exact version just now) and downloaded it from from Steinberg, when I purchased a new MG10XU mixing console.

But … where can I find a tutorial to set it up with Cubase? That program UI elements and workflows are quite complicated and I say this as a very qualified hardware engineer and firmware/software developer. Wish the system came with logical steps to setup one simple studio mixing console!

Really. Webcams and mics into the mixing console and thats it, to be mixed witb VST instruments, and fed to OBS Studio live.

A simple tutorial please ?

Whenever I have a question like that, I go straight to YouTube:

Chris Selim is a great resource for all things Cubase. Subscribe to his channel and enable notifications.

Ah. Thank you. This helps but looking to figure out Cubase AI LE multi-track setup actually woth this MG10XU.

Yeah, you may need to do a few searches to find just what you need, and often you might need a piece from one and a part of another to get all the info you need.