Yamaha MG10xu Overdubbing

I have finally purchased some studio headphones for use of tracking through my Yamaha MG10xu mixer.
But it seems like I can only do input or output. I want to be able to hear back the track while recording over it.
How do I do This???

You usually can’t hear a track you’re recording over.

You could have a track and record on another track.

But I think you’re talking about your setup.

What do you plan to do with the mixer?

You don’t usually need a mixer with a DAW setup unless you have a lot of inputs you want to put together like drums say.

An interface with enough inputs and outputs so that you can hook up all your equipment at the same time is a better choice for a home studio. I was using a mixer at first but I was changing cables all the time.
With and interface you can change routings by changing a preset, no more chord changes.

You need to put a list of your equipment in your signature or post and be a lot more descriptive of what you’re doing and what you want to do, what you’ve tried etc.

Good Luck!