Yamaha MG10XU USB Audio Drops

Hello everyone I hope this is the right place to try to get some help with my situation.

So I ordered an Yamaha MG10XU and got it this Friday but I had problems with it since then and the problem is all of the Audio Dropouts it gets when using it which i need to use since I will be using this Mixer for Livestreaming and Videos so using the USB is essential for me with this Mixer to be able to get 2 tracks 1 for mic and 1 for game audio from pc so that i can edit it good later with Davinci Resolve.

Audio Dropouts USB
So I get these audio dropout/clicks/pauses every now and then for about half a sec. sometimes 1 time a minute and sometimes more often and it ruins the entire listening experience and recording experience with this Mixer.

Things i tried
installed the latest driver 2.0.3 from the Official Website
installed other older drivers to try them aswell
tested with 2 different USB 2.0 cables
tested every USB port on the back of my PC and the front USB also.
tried to reinstall the drivers several times
reinstalled Windows 10 PRO
tried using the lowest Sample Rate 44Khz and the highest 192Khz
tried using the lowest Buffer Size to the highest Buffer Size
tried using latency mon which records nothing strange and low latency

All this and nothing has helped so far so really thinking about returning this since the USB feature seems broken atleast on my board but i seen alot of similar reports when searching on google for it aswell so I wonder if its just broken with current drivers and windows 10 1909.
I do have to use the USB as i said tho because i must be able to split my audio which is possible with USB because of the To Mon button for Channel 9/10 which does not exist for the other channels thats not USB if it did then that would had worked but going without USB would mean that people on Discord would hear themselves and every sound thats played on my PC and only 1 audio track.

I dont know what to do anymore and if i should just return this Mixer and go back to my Scarlett 2i2 Gen 1 that never had these issues.
Let me know if you guys have any suggestions?
Is there a better way to report bugs like these to get potential driver fixes?

System Specs
ASUS ROG Strix B450 F Gaming - latest bios
AMD 3600 - running at stock
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB - latest drivers
32GB DDR4 3200Mhz
Samsung Evo SSD
Windows 10 PRO 1909 - fully updated

Thanks for taking your time to read :slight_smile:

Hi, did you find a solution for this? I have the same mixer and the same problems. I have cracks and pops too. Windows 10 home. I have tried everything. I am sure this is a Steinberg driver problem. I have tried the mixer on a computer with 32 bit system, and another with 64 bits. Driver 2.0.3 and 2.0.4.

I also just bought a UR22C soundcard, and it is the exact same problems with that one. Use the same drivers as the MG10XU.