Yamaha MG10XU Windows 11 driver BSOD (YSUSB_V211)

Hi! I install last driver on windows 11, system detect only USB Headphone Set (with this driver high frequency noise on mic recording), try to set installed driver and BSOD:


Please help to fix it. On windows 10 all works fine. Thank`s!

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Look, I now that China make many fake, but i dont think that they make fake high level yamaha. I buy in 2020 new one in online store, use it 2 year without PC, it works fine, but if I connect it to PC they detected like “USB Headphones” and any original driver not working (driver error or bsod like on screenshot), original MG10XU must be detected like “MG-XU” and all driver works fine.
Today i write to store, but now war in Ukraine and they don`t work. :frowning:
Please be carefully with FAKE Yamaha!!!