Yamaha MODX/Montage Recording with Cubasis 3

Hey all, I’m using a MODX external keyboard with Cubasis 3. I’m recording midi for internal sounds on MODX all the tracks are setup per Doms Sigalas MODX video on recording with Cubasis so I know the inputs and outputs are right. The only problem I’m having is with the midi tracks not showing output on the Cubasis Meters? I’m still getting sound from the MODX. I’m thinking this is because I’m triggering the MODX sounds. It would be nice if I knew what my readings were in Cubasis. If you freeze the track it has no output (nothing on it). So I have to record all the midi to audio tracks to see what the meters are reading? Also when doing a Mixdown I guess you have to record all tracks to audio before Mixdown. If I Mixdown with just midi tracks even when hooked up to the MODX I get no sound on the Mixdown tracks? Hopefully I’m doing something wrong? if not this is a pain.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi bill28540,

Thank you for your message.

Track Freeze can only work for instruments which are loaded in Cubasis (e.g. the internal instruments or 3rd party apps via Audio Unit etc.).

Basically you can use Cubasis with the MODX in two ways:

  • as a MIDI sequencer to record and play back MIDI notes triggering the MODX
  • as an audio recorder to record the instruments of the MODX as audio files in Cubasis

Dom explains both scenarios in two tutorials:

Easy-peasy MIDI recording -MODX/MONTAGE with CUBASIS

How I SEQUENCE and RECORD my MODX as AUDIO- Yamaha MODX/MONTAGE with Cubasis

Hope that helps!

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