Yamaha Motif XS7 Not Working With Cubase

Have a Yamaha Motif XS7, tried getting it to work with my DAW of choice (FL Studio) to no avail. Tried to get it working with Cubase 12 (Trial version). It registers the keys being pressed but there’s no sound being input through the DAW itself. My sound driver settings are correct and adding audio files to the DAW project I can hear. I assume it’s some problem with ports and inputs/outputs which is confusing af. Any help would be appreciated

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What are you trying to record? Audio or MIDI?
If you’re recording MIDI, what instrument is intended to play the recording, a VSTi or back to the Motif?

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. I’m not real technical with a lot of the terminology so I’ll try explaining best I can. I have the Yamaha keyboard, say I have a voice/preset on the keyboard I like. I want to play the keyboard and have that sound on the keyboard, recorded into Cubase.
I tired following some tutorials but when I reach the part where they set it all up they start playing and it jus works. Cubase picks up the input of keys being pressed but there’s no sound. No idea how to get the sound working. Any help is appreciated

  1. Plug your audio outputs from your MOTIF into some inputs on the computer.

  2. Hook up the MIDI.

  3. Assuming you have Cubase Pro? Tap F4. Set up an “External Instrument” where you’ll direct Cubase to use those Audio Inputs that your MOTIF is plugged into. Point the MIDI connection to your MOTIF here as well.

Now, you have a new instrument in your instrument plugin rack. Usually listed under Steinberg.

Load that as a ‘Rack Instrument’. You’ll get a new set of Audio Inputs on the mixer. It’ll probably ask if you want to create a new MIDI track to with it.

Now you can direct MIDI tracks to use the new instrument.

You have some options on how to set things up.

  1. Local Mode (In the MOTIF). This means tapping a key actually plays a built in sound in the MOTIF.

  2. Remote Mode, or Local Off (In the MOTIF). Typically this is the one you want for using your keyboard as a general MIDI controller for a DAW. In this mode tapping a key does NOT trigger a sound locally. Instead it sends a MIDI event out the MIDI port. If you use this mode, then you’ll have Cubase route the MIDI events back into the MOTIF to trigger the sounds.

So…with Local Mode OFF on your keyboard…it becomes a dumb MIDI controller. To get internal sounds from the MOTIF, you’d point a MIDI track to your MOTIF instrument in the rack. Arm the track for ‘recording’ or ‘monitoring’. At that point, the MIDI events are routed back into the MOTIF to trigger sounds on the desired MIDI channel.

Try this.
Open the Preferences and verify that MIDI Thru Active is active (on the MIDI page).
Create a new MIDI track in Cubase.
In the Inspector (the left most panel in the Project Window) make sure the Motif is selected as both Input and Output.

Activate Record Enable image.

Record something by pressing the Record button on the Transport Panel image and play something on your Motif.

A new MIDI Part with MIDI events should be created on the MIDI track.
It should look something like this:

If all is groovy at this point, you should be able to deactivate Record Enable, play the track from the beginning of the Part and hear it play back on your Motif.

Brian above gave some excellent pointer specifically for the Motif. I would also recommend turning off “Local Mode” on the keyboard.

Thank you Brian and mlinde for the assistance. So I managed to turn local control off on the keyboard itself and save that setting. I got the keyboard opened as an instrument, I think I set the correct Motif options for input and output. Inputs I have an option of “Yamaha MOTIF XS7-1” and Yamaha MOTIF XS7-2", 3 and 4. I jus left it as 1. Output I can choose between “MOTIF RACK XS VST” or “MOTIF RACK XS”. When using the former it brings up a VST window but says “Post Open Error” and “No audio”. The latter shows key input at bottom but again, no sound. I record like you suggested but there no MIDI events or anything I can see saved or created on the track. Again if you could help and explain in dumbest terms possible cos I’m an egit when it comes to this kinda stuff, would be appreciated

I was being pretty general as I don’t have a MOTIF at hand to fiddle with. I’m not sure what kind of audio in/out capabilities it has. I’d have to go through the Owner’s Manual.

Do you hook it up to the computer with regular audio cables? USB? SPDIF coax or lightpipe?

From the Cubase end, unless you get some ‘special plugin’ software to go with a MOTIF, that’s pretty much how it’s done. At least if you are using analog or SPDIF connections to an audio interface in the computer for the audio part.

If your MOTIF has USB audio, then it’s probably meant to ‘replace’ and ‘become’ your primary Audio device. If this is the case, and assuming the MOTIF comes with proper ASIO drivers, then you’d need to set Cubase to use the MOTIF as the primary audio interface…then you’d use whatever audio inputs/outputs are built into the instrument (totally bypassing any others).

The way Cubase is set-up to use ASIO, aggregating multiple audio interfaces isn’t recommended (and can require third party apps, or special hardware with custom drivers). At least not out of the box. So you’d need to use ‘either or’ … The USB keyboard with USB audio, or some other audio interface…perhaps with analog or SPDIF connections from your MOTIF into it.

It’s a USB 2 Plug

The screenshot at the top of my last post has what I think is the VST but there is no audio coming from it. And it flashes with “Port open error” when first opening.

These are all my ports in the setup menu

For being a novice user, you sure jumped in the deep end here! :smiley:

The truth is, I have no idea what the MOTIF-RACK XS VST is or exactly what it is supposed to do.
Unless someone here has experience with this keyboard and VST and can provide some solid advice, I recommend you start reading the manuals for the keyboard and this VST in particular.

Are you able to get any sound out of Cubase? If you import an audio file e.g.?

I highly recommend you go to the Yamaha Forum:

They most likely can walk you through this.

Yeah I can get audio out of Cubase from importing an audio file. You spot on about jumping in the deep end lol

Thanks for the tip, I’ll head over there now