Yamaha MOXF & Cubase 6.5

I was bought a Yamaha MOXF at Xmas that came bundled with Cubase LE AI Elements 7. I am in the process of discovering the remote control features which work perfectly with the bundled Cubase program.
I allready own Cubase 6.5 & it doesnt seem possible to fully integrate the remote control functions in this version. Do i have to upgrade my Cubase 6.5 to version 7 to be able to use the remote control features in the MOXF?

Any advice much appreciated!

No, just download the Motif Extensions from the Yamaha site, they support any version of C from v5 and up

Thank you for the speedy reply Reiknir, much appreciated.
I have the Motif extensions installed, but it will not fully integrate as it does in the bundled elemnts version.

In the bundled Cubase version there is an entry in “Devices” for “MOXF6\MOXF8 Extension setup”. But in my Cubase 6.5 version that entry is missing.

Please see attached screenshot…

Note that the Cubase 6.5 Device menu has the Extension set up missing.

That is odd, are you sure you installed the right extension, perhaps you installed the 32 bit one and it updated the installation on AI but your 6 install is 64 bits?

Does the motif show up in the ASIO panel? Are you connecting via USB or Firewire? Do you get Motif project templates in C6?

Hi, yes i installed the correct extension (64bit). The MOXF shows up in the ASIO panel & connecting using USB…not sure about the templates thing though.

Had some time spare today so i loaded my clean PC image to do a fresh install of cubase 6.5, Yamaha usb driver & remote tools\ editor etc. Still the same…the MOXF6\MOXF8 Extension is not present in Cubase devices menu. Which means that, when i select the MOXF in cubase remote devices i get the “device failed to open” message.

I am beginning to think that the full remote features are only available when using the “AI” versions of cubase? This is a shame as most of the remote buttons on the MOXF will not function unless this Extension is loaded.

Thanks again!

PS… Also i should addd that, when running the remote editor as a standalone, in “File\Setup\DAW select” it shows “Other” & no reference to cubase 6.5.

No the AI functions are built into the full version of Cubase, I use them on an occasion with some Yamaha hardware, mostly KX controllers, I had some problems installing them on v6.5 now that you mention it, I am going to install the extensions again on C6.5 and see what happens … perhaps there is something not obvious going on

Ah … Now I remembered one thing, permission, worth a try, if you are using VistaWin or higher run the installer in administrator mode and run cubase also in administrator mode for the first time after you install.

Also, it will not show up in the list nor as a remote device if it has not been chosen as a MIDI I/O port

Thank you very much, really appreciate your responses. The permissions thing did cross my mind when I reinstalled the software just the other day…ran as admin but no luck. I will keep plugging away at this!

Thanks again

Copy the file from the AI7 folder to the C6.5 folder.

Thank you for the reply.

The file resides in the common files \steinberg shared files folder…the file is being accessed when Cubase 6.5 is loaded, but it will not “open\initialize”.