Yamaha Moxf6 and Cubase LE AI Elements 7


I have recently purchased a Yamaha Moxf6 bundled with the mentioned version of Cubase. I’m having all round difficulties here. I’ve never used Cubase before as a recording platform (infact I’m a total novice in this area).

Essentially, I have connected the keyboard to the computer (Macbook pro) and to my knowledge cubase is recognising the keyboard. When I try to record something though, the keyboard is acting simply as a midi controller for the VST software provided by cubase. The manual that comes with the keyboard is vague at best and I can’t find any specific tutorials (promo vids aside) that are of any help.

I’m no ‘techy’ so please treat me like an idiot. Just want to learn how to do some basic recording and then go from there. Even if you can offer me some direction as to who I could contact for assistance, that would be great…

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Yamaha synth has lots of articles on all aspects of this:

If you look through the article titles you’ll find one a page or two in on MIDI recording for the MOXF with Cubase and all the ins, outs and thrus - including why it acts as a controller.

I didn’t link straight to the MIDI article because it’s useful to build an awareness of the existence of the other articles for later. Given most of the Yamaha synth range integrates with Cubase in the same way you can also find useful tips in the Motif XF section on the same website.

Give that a go and feel free to ask more questions.

Thanks Rob,

I’ll do some research, give it a go and let you know how I fare…


I’ve tried to follow these articles to the letter but still can’t get any sound. The MOXF6 will work as a control keyboard with vst plug-ins in Cubase Elements 9 and I’ve dowloaded the Remote Editor but Cubase doesn’t recognise as a VST instrument and the article advises to go to VST instruments and to no VST instrument and then select external. Well the screen shown in the article doesn’t appear and so if you click on no VST instrument then that’s exactly what you get, which is also no use.

The whole point of the MOXF6 was to use as a control keyboard and use the presets as I’ve various VST plugins but most I don’t care for and there are enough presets in the MOXF6 for most of what I want to do.

I do seem to get a signal in Cubase either through Midi set up or as an Audio track - not sure why there should be 2 ways of setting up but I also don’t know what is being received. One must be one of the kbrd voices as it’s arpeggaited and so you can see the level vary. That’s as an audio track in Cubase.

I’ve got to say that if the MOXF6 is meant to work with Cubase then it’s damn complicated to set up and as I say these articles don’t help that much and even say different things. One article tells me to create a Midi track and the other tells me to create audio.

But - and this is a big but - I can’t get any sound because my audio interface is Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 and to connect the MOXF6 I’m directed to use the steinberg driver but then there is no signal to the interface. If I try the Focusrite driver there is no signal from the kbrd. Either way it won’t work and if the anwer is that I can’t use the MOXF6 as a VST and control kbrd with that set up then it’s no use to me because that was the whole point of buying and of course they are not exactly cheap. I’ve got a novation control kbrd so I didn’t need another. Of course I can use the MOXF6 as a a kbrd with my amp but that wasn’t the idea.

Dear Team

i am new to this site an group.

i have recently purchased a yamaha moxf6 (this is not a new purchase but a second hand deal)

the seller gave me the access code and told me i can download the cubase whenever i want.

when i tried logging into steinberg account it says already downloaded by another user, hence i cannot download the same.

please help me find a way out so that i can get a fresh link and download the cubase AI7.

Awaiting for a response from the Team…