Yamaha/MR816 Control Strip(s) BUG in Cubase 7

Having tested this out with the new Tools 1.7.4, going back to 1.7.2-2 and back again, it seems that there is a bug with using the ControlStrip(s) inserts in Cubase 7.0.1.

Hardware Input panel - both mono and stereo work


  • Mono - works
  • Stereo - any adjustment of any knob results in instant maxing of values, after which knob cannot be adjusted with mouse. Numerical values can still be entered.

Same is true as an insert on FX Channel - mono works, stereo - knobs instantly max out.

REV-X inserts work fine.

All work fine using Tools 1.7.4 in Cubase 6.5.3, so must be a problem in Cubase 7 implementation

Can any other MR816 users confirm?

works OK with C7 +W7

Thanks mozizo.

Should have mentioned I’m running on 10.6.8. Since everything else seems to be working I wonder if any other Mac users of any system are experiencing it too. No point in upgrading the whole system if it’s an OSX issue.

Stereo Controlstrip insert still not working in Cubase 7.0.2