Yamaha MSP10 Monitors

Has anyone used the Yamaha MSP10 monitors? I’m looking for some opinions.
I have an opportunity to get a pair, but they are in another state so it would be sight un–heard ;0) I understand that they are discontinued but the msp7 is still made. What is the difference between the MSP10 and MSP10 studio?

My very personal, biased and non-objective opinion: Some of the biggest crap I have ever heard.


Ha, how do you really feel about it? :laughing:
Thanks Fredo, yours is the second bad review I’ve received.

Let’s say that if I could speak freely, (Steinberg is after all Yamaha-owned), I wouldn’t have walked on eggs, and I would have expressed me a tad more straightforward.


Yes, that’s why I was kind of surprised, but I do understand what you are saying.

But Fredo has Meyer sound monitors to compare to. :smiley:

Ahhh, now we have full disclosure. :wink:
I have to be honest and say that I just got a pair of MSP7 Studio’s to demo and I’m really impressed. They have a better mid/low mids and I can mix at lower volumes and still hear details compared to my Genelec 1030’s. I wonder if the MSP7 studio are better than the MSP10’s. It’s just odd that Yamaha discontinued the 10’s.

Being very, very frank here:

MSP7 and 10 are a lot better than 1030s. Ans MSp7 and 10 are really, really bad.

Fredo’s Meyer almost beat my custom built 5.1 rig in my new cinema mix. (pictures coming).

(Fredo: Do you have more than 6 18" in the LFE channel??) :slight_smile:


Yamaha sent me a pair of MSP7 to demo. I like them a lot more than the 1030a’s for sure. My mixes are translating a lot better. I’m going to sell the 1030’s and maybe keep these.