Yamaha MX MIDI port problem


I recently bought Cubase Pro 10.5 and am trying to connect my Yamaha MX88 keyboard to it as an external instrument so I can use the MX’s tone engine. I have installed the correct USB driver and MIDI input is working fine when writing in VST instruments.

When I try to set the MIDI output to the Yamaha MX within the ‘MIDI Device Manager’ I only have output options of ‘Yamaha MX Series 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5’. According to this website: https://yamahasynth.com/synths/setting-up-a-yamaha-mx-with-cubase-on-windows-computer?format=amp
There should be an output option called ‘Yamaha MX49/MX61 Port 1’ but this is not displayed on my MIDI Device Manager. I have attached a screen shot of this.

If I use any of the Series 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 options the MIDI output option for a MIDI track when routed through the MX is ‘Yamaha MX (Yamaha MX Series-1)’ instead of ‘Yamaha MX’. Using this output I get really bad audio playback when playing the keyboard and exported audio from the project becomes a semitone and a bit sharp with very bad audio quality.

Would anyone know how to fix this problem as I have tried reinstalling the driver and attempted to connect the MX to two separate computers, neither of which has fix the issue.


I have same issue like you. Seems Yamaha doesn’t bother for users like us. No resource available to how use the AI 10.5 and MX88 in proper way. Sorry for my bad english.