Yamaha n12 audio thru aux phones but no MIDI

When recording any audio track I can hear them through my aux Phones on the N12 but no Midi tracks, is there something I’m missing. Is there any info available or any answers? Any help would be appreciated.

You’re probably hearing the audio directly off the N12 channel but are not monitoring the audio output from the DAW. If you look in your outputs for Cubase, you can see which audio output channel is going back to the N12. Then make sure your outputs from whatever your midi instrument is, is assigned to that output in the mixer. Then make sure you have the DAW to Aux knob turned up on the N12.

Basically you need to understand the routing of the N12. I don’t know a good source for this data other than making some inputs and outputs in Cubase and finding out how they work. It’s not too complicated really.