Yamaha n12 weird issue. Can someone help?

Hello everyone,

Just when I had the whole studio redone and the only thing I was waiting for is the measurement mic, my n12 mixer suddenly let me down with a very peculiar problem which just doesn’t get fixed. Was wondering if anyone has any clues about what might be the problem. The only way I can make this weird problem easy to understand is by making a list.

So here are the things that work -

  1. Drivers install fine (Drivers and firmware are up to date)
  2. Cubase recognises it, transport on n12 works with cubase
  3. Can hear Cubase’s LR through the mixer
  4. Ins and outs of n12 show in the input/output routing section of audio tracks, and also in ‘VST Connections’

Here are the things that don’t work -

  1. Even though I can hear Cubase’s LR through the mixer, the levels cannot be controlled with the main Control Room Level knob on n12. But the main ST works to get the level down.

  2. Even though the ins and outs show up in the audio tracks routing section and ‘VST Connections’ in Cubase, there is no sound when routing it to any mixer channels. (I did all the routings in VST Connections and flipped the switch to DAW on the n12 channel strip.) The only way you can hear an audio track is if it is routed to ‘n12-LR’, with no control over levels as mentioned in the previous point.

I tried installing 2 versions of the Yahama Steinberg Driver, 3 versions of windows on 2 computers, both the FW ports on both, the mixer and the n12. Nothing.
Can somebody help me understand what might be the problem? I get a feeling this is going to be a long detour. :frowning:

Thank you for listening.

Very similar issue in FL studio 20 producer.

The drop down menu to select input is reversed with the drop down for output. so when going to select input all there is is a list of output’s to chose from and the other way around for selecting output’s.

I know it’s the driver, because using the other asio drivers like flasio4all and asio4 all or whatever they are… you get the idea… work but very poorly. key detail is work though, in the sense of being about to select the correct inputs. If i could just use them i would but like i said … very poorly. this only gets swapped around when selecting fwsteingberg something-or-other driver in the audio settings. I just updated everything

did you come up with a solution by chance? I’m giong to try ableton next but I’m doubting it’ll make a difference since cubase is apparently affected as well then.