Yamaha Np-30 and Uno 1x1 and Dorico


I just plugged an old Yamaha keyboard (2007) into Dorico using a M-Audio Uno1x1 MIDI to USB interface. It works OK when I am entering melodies, but sometimes notes stay sounding. When I play chords, random notes in the chords are omitted all the time. Same setup with my even older Korg M1 works fine.

Can I do something to get the Yamaha keyboard working properly, or is there some kind of compatibility problem going on? Probably not a Dorico problem, but question posted anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,

I use a Yamaha DX7 (decades old) with a MIDI-to-USB cable I bought from Amazon for $10 or less, and they work well together with any of the notation programs I use.

It might be worth trying to perform a factory reset on the keyboard, in case it’s got into a funny state that’s causing it to spew out some unwanted data that’s tripping Dorico up.

does that 2007 yamaha keyboard exhibit problems with other software ?

With a MIDI monitor program like MIDI-OX (http://midiox.com/) you could check what MIDI notes come in via the Uno. If already in the MIDI-OX output some Note On/Off messages are missing, then you know that your hardware is doing wrong somehow.

Thanks all for your input. The reset of the keyboard did not do anything, however the midiox analysis shows that the problem must be with the hardware. I tried with a friends MIDI to USB cable and then everything worked perfectly well. So it seems that the M-Audio UNO thing is the culprit. I will spend some time to see if I can fix that but maybe I’d better just buy a new interface.

Meanwhile, back to Korg M1…

One other thing to try is connecting via a different USB socket, since we’ve had various reports over the years of devices not behaving correctly in one socket, but are much happier in a different one. A lot depends on whether other things are connected to the same USB bus, what their power consumption is, etc.

I tried all sockets, both the ones on the laptop, docking station and external hub with extra power.

This is what MIDI-OX gives when I play a C major chord repeatedly:

The MIDI-OX shows more note offs than ons, so some note on messages clearly don’t arrive. So I also do assume that the Uno 1x1 swallows them, because I can’t imagine that the NP30 does not send them out (but can’t rule it out either). How is your M1 connected, also via the Uno?

Yes, also via the Uno. The EMU (with 2 lines) I tried worked fine with the NP-30. I will do some shopping.

bit confusing here. …If it were the SAME setup, the problem would be restricted to the keyboard or the connection (cable ?) to the keyboard. Not the midi interface. Try not to change too many components at once when debugging.

If another keyboard works with the same midi interface, it is not the interface (or its configured wrong).

I will try to clarify -

With the same setup I mean Dorico on the laptop -> Uno1x1 -> NP-30/Korg M1. No cables involved, the Uno1x1 is a cable and MIDI interface in one product, USB on one end, MIDI In/Out on the other. The Uno does not work well with the NP-30 for some reason.


I could not find out how to configure the Uno1x1. Do you know a way shr23?

Except for checking you have the correct driver installed (see https://www.m-audio.com/support/drivers-search) there is nothing to configure.

Since it is supposed to be class compliant it should work without a driver, but since it’s a fairly ancient design (more than 10 years old - there are drivers going right back to MacOS 8 and Windows 3.1!!!), who knows…

i did a quick google search and noticed some articles where this keyboard doesn’t connect to midi well.
type “np-30 midi” into google.

if Korg->Uno->Computer works, but Yamaha->Uno->Computer doesn’t. it is likely keyboard midi output issue.