Yamaha Nuage Displays

Hey there, i’m working in music production and would like to get a Nuage fader unit. Is it possible to use a bigger screen, than a 24" with the fader unit? Lets say a 34" display? Can i scale the Nuage mixer window down, it will still align with the faders? Is the Nuage mixer window usable with a touch screen? for example to use the eq with touch gestures, just like on the Main unit? Is anybody using an alternative monitor setup with their Nuage and is willing to share some pictures?

Thanks in advance!

You can scale the faders, but I doubt very much that you can shrink them that much.

Euh …
I don’t think so, because the mixer unit that is displayed above the Nuage Fader Unit is a “custom” mixer especially for use with Nuage.
Can you actually work the mixer with a touch screen?

I think you are complicating things to a point where you are going to be very dissapointed in your Nuage purchase …


You could use a bigger display but as the monitor is tied to the fader unit you’d end up having to resize the display size down on the Nuage settings so the faders matched the hardware. As Fredo says, I doubt they can be scaled down that far. The rest of the screen would just be blank in any case. You’ll need a 2nd monitor for the project window in any case so there’s no reason not to use a 34"or even larger for that.

I don’t see why a touchscreen wouldn’t work. You can use a mouse on the dedicated screen to do all the usual tasks. I’d ask the question why you’d want to do that though. For one you’d have to reach right over the fader unit (which is quite deep) and why use a touchscreen when you have all the manipulation of the onscreen tools via the physical controls on the fader unit itself? Kind of defeats the object of buying the fader unit in the first place!

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Thanks for your replies!
Well, the touch screen question is probably nonsense. You’re right.
Do you think a small ultrawide monitor would still be high enough to display everything correctly?
Because i would need to place the bigger monitor above the nuage monitor and i don’t wanna get to high for my neck’s sake…
I’m really up to buy a nuage, but for its price I wanna make sure, everything is just perfect.

Another question - can you change the color for the encoders, when mapping a plugin?
For example different colors for different bands of an EQ?
Is the Nuage actually still being developed any further? Or is it at its peak of development?


You need two screens side-by-side. One for the project, one for your mixer.

Not that I know of.
The current system is brilliant, I don’t see any reason to customize it further.

If you really want to take full advantage of a Nuage System (I still stand by my claim that it speeds you up by 50%), then you need the Nuage Controller too. I don’t see many benefits in using the only the Nuage Mixer.

Just my 2cents …


The only way to customise any colours on a Nuage display was to use Cubase rather than Nuendo. If you used Cubase the meters were blue, Nuendo were orange. With the latest update to the meter colours this is no longer the case so no, there’s no way to change any of the preset colours.

The Nuage software does get sporadic updates (mainly for compatibility these days). Functionality-wise there’s not an awful lot they can do to improve it. I’ve found a few bugs in the software (nothing show stopping) but hardware-wise it’s pretty much as near a perfect a DAW controller as you can get.

If I were using just a fader unit I’d set that up in the centre of my workstation and have the project monitor off to the side at a 45* angle.

As Fredo says, the master unit is a great addition (at a not inconsiderable cost) but I can see the benefit of using just a fader unit on it’s own but there are other 3rd party fader units which will do 60-70% of what the Nuage fader unit can for much less cost.

If the budget can stretch I’d say get the master unit as well as the two together are practically unbeatable as a DAW control system but the fader on it’s own will still increase your workflow ease and speed.

I agree that both master and fader unit together is the ultimate controller.
The S6 with PT can do more to be honest, but while the S6 feels like a advanced controller controlling PT, Nuage and Nuendo feels like one totally integrated system. Not at all the same feeling.

However I do not agree that theee are no possible updates possible to do still for Nuage and Nuendo. I have sent quite a list to Yamaha & Steinberg.


Thanks for all the input!
Since I’m working in music writing/production I think the fader would do the job. I also use a stream deck to have a bunch of macros at my fingertips. Maybe my avid dock can work aside the fader as well…

So I was hoping I could use my 34" screen in the middle and switch between the mixing and editing windows via the workspaces. Maybe DisplayFusion can help with that…

Oh, and can you actually control VSTi with the console?
I couldn’t find any “instrument” button in the section control…

Yes, you can use QUICK QTRL to control VSTi both from Nuage Fader and Master. Eight parameters.

I don’t think you could get a 34" screen to line up with the channel strips like they do on a standard 24". There are some adjustments, but probably not enough for a 34".

At the moment I’m using only one screen although I have both a Fader + Master. Works fine to switch between the project window and the Nuage mixer window (using Spaces on a Mac).