Yamaha P45 Digital Piano continuous midi input from pedal


I am on Cubase Artist 8.5. I have a Yamaha P45. I’d like to record the sustain pedal as continuous MIDI rather than off or on. I’m sure that this pedal can do this as it works on its own (not hooked up to cubase).

The MIDI channel is CC64 and its either on or off. Any ideas?


What do you mean? CC64 is not a channel…

I dont know the exact terminology but CC64 for me is either a 127 or 0 (i.e. on or off). I’d like the pedal to be able to do 1-127

Does the pedal actually output that range? If its a regular sustain pedal it doesn’t.

This question is really entirely dependent what the P45 can do, i.e. unrelated to Cubase.

That being said, although I don’t have a P45, over the years I’ve messed with a variety of midi keyboards and some of them can indeed send 0-127 values from a piano pedal style foot controller.

Does the pedal have a plug that looks like a stereo headphone plug (a.k.a. TRS plug)?

or does it have a plug that looks like a mono (TS) plug?

If it looks like a mono plug, it can only do ON/OFF (i.e. 0 and 127)

See also P45 owner’s manual page 11:

If it’s the TRS type plug, it might be possible that the P45 sends the entire range of 0 to 127 on CC64.

I don’t have a P45, so I can’t test it. But I’ve been able to get the whole range of 0-127 with other midi controllers from piano sustain looking pedals that have a TRS plug.

p.s. Also: The pedal itself doesn’t send midi - the keyboard translates on/off or variable resistor values from the pedal into midi messages. So even if the pedal is the right one, the keyboard needs to be able to do the right translation. And since I don’t have a P45, I can’t tell for sure, if it does. However the Midi Reference chart for the P45 gives some hope that it can do it: