Yamaha p95 Dgital Piano in Cubase

I have recently bought a Yamaha P-95 Digital Piano and want to use it in Cubase Artist. The Piano has both midi in and midi out ports as well as my soundcard (saffire pro 24 dsp). I have both connections hooked up to my soundcard.

When i choose and vst instrument in a midi-track i can play using my p95 without a problem and it records. But i can’t seem to send the recorded midifile back to my piano which should be possible according to the manual. I imagine in my head that there is something i do wrong in the setup, so my question would be.

How do i set up in cubase artist the p-95 correctly so i can use both send and receive midi?

You will need to set up an audio channel and route the audio outs from the keyboard into cubase to monitor and record the audio.

Then you will also need to make a midi channel, not an instrument channel, to receive and send the midi externally.

Thank you for the quick answer. I did everything but the audio channel. I will try this later to see how it works.

Thank’s again. It worked perfectly. I did not realize there was a difference between an instrument track and and midi tracks. I learn something new everyday :slight_smile: