Yamaha Piano and VST Instrument Problems

Hi all,
I am having difficulty with using a Yamaha Arius YDB 140 as a a keyboard to play/record Halion Sonic SE midi instruments.
Connections are midi-to-midi via a UR44 and I have set up the track as an Instrument Track, with Halion Sonic SE and a VST Piano.
What is happening is that I can record and hear notes but but the midi data created either has notes that run into each other or adds notes that have not been played. I have spent a while trying to understand what I need to do to resolve but without luck so far.
I am totally ignorant concerning MIDI so wonder if there is just something I have not set up correctly.
Any help ??

Set Up = CB Pro 9, Sony Vaio 8gb Ram running Windows 10 & UR44

Try going to the Device Setup and tick “Use System Timestamp for Windows MIDI Inputs”. Also try disabling any MIDI ins that you’re not using in this same window.

…and check under the MIDI Port Setup Window (Studio/Studio Setup/MIDI Port Setup) that you only have one input for each MIDI in (if you’ve got both Windows MIDI Ins and Outs and Direct Music Ins and outs then switch off the Direct Music ones by unticking the “Use Device Direct Music” box.

Look at the keyboard operation manual and connect it directly to the computer using the instructions on page 29. Then turn the “Local” function to “Off” as per the instructions on page 30.

Link to op manual:

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Tried this and made no difference !

Thanks. Will look at this !

Thanks. Will look at this too !