Yamaha PSR E413 Keyboard

Hi, my Yamaha PSR E14 used to interface with my Cubase versions, the latest being 10 but since I installed 11, I can’t get it to interface. Yamaha DigitalKBD-1 seems to be the recommended driver for it (PSR 413 is not available in the drop down when installing a midi device) but despite selecting Yamaha DigitalKBD-1 I can’t get any sound. My Acorn Masterkey 25 works fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Apologies if I’ve missed anything totally obvious!

Correction, sorry, it’s a Yamaha PSR E413

Hi and welcome,

Are you on Mac or Windows? Are you talking about the Inputs or Outputs? If you are talking about the input, can you see the incoming MIDI data on the Transport Panel?

Is your PSR413 set up properly, please?

Do you use MIDI over USB or do you use common MIDI In/Out over some other device?

Hi Martin, thank you for your quick and helpful response. Despite my thinking I was on the right keyboard settings, it was user incompetence on my part. I had the PSR E413 set to "PC Mode PC1 " instead of “PC Mode PC2”. So nothing to do with Cubase or the setup! Many thanks, Phil.