Yamaha PSR E433 Issue? Help!

Hey everyone,

I’m just getting started with Cubase (30 day trial) and I’m having some issues trying to setup my Yamaha PSR E433 keyboard as a MIDI device in Cubase, from which to control my VST’s etc.

I’ve got it working with Reaper before so there’s no issue with my USB to HOST cable, I must be simply missing some kind of step in the process… kind of frustrating. I have the latest keyboard driver installed and on the keyboard itself I’ve put it into ‘PC Mode 1’ (There is PC Mode 2 as well) which is what I did with Reaper.

Can anybody offer any solutions please? I’ve looked at the MIDI device manager in Cubase and looked for my model of keyboard on the long dropdown list but mine doesn’t appear to be there… maybe there is a way manually add it? If that section is even relevant to my issue I have no idea.

Thanks in advance!!!

A couple of tips…

  • If using a PC, make sure the USB cable is connected (and your computer recognized it) before starting Cubase.
  • Not 100% necessary but sometimes it helps to make sure that the device is turned on before starting Cubase too.
  • If you are using a VST instrument for sounds, make sure to set the keyboard to “Local Off” as explained in the PSR433 "Computer Related Operations manual (page 6) and page 3 of the PSR433 Midi Reference Manual.
  • If you are using a VST instrument for sounds, I would recommend to record on an “Instrument Track”.
  • Choose “All MIDI Inputs” for the track input routing.
  • Choose a VST and don’t forget to choose a sound from the list.
  • Don’t forget to hit the track “Record Enable” and Monitor" buttons.

Always list your hardware and software specs to get the most accurate help from the forum members.

Have fun :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: