Yamaha RX11 drum module problem

When I play songs from cubase that use this drum module, the RS11 plays an out-of time, unrelated click track as well as the track and I can’t stop it. Its run button is lit, but if I click stop, it only goes out for a second and then continues with the click. If know one knows here, is there a related forum for Yamaha drum module?

I’m guessing you haven’t set up the RX11 to sync from Cubase. There will be a setting on the RX11 to change the sync (maybe called “clock”) from something like “internal” to “MIDI”. You then have to configure Cubase to send MIDI sync to the port the RX11 is connected to. That way, Cubase controls the tempo of the RX11.

This worked thanks. I had thought that since Cubase is playing its track which is directing the RX11 to just use its sounds, and not play a pattern which was within the RX11, that wasn’t the problem. Also I had forgotten how to make some of these changes as I didn’t use the device for several years after a fire in my home, and had to reread the manual.