Yamaha S90ES MIDI & Editor set-up in Cubase Artist 9.5

I’ve read a lot of articles and watched a lot of YouTube videos…but…since I don’t 100% understand what I’m doing, it’s hard to know whether I’m doing something wrong or I simply don’t have the right drivers/software loaded due to lack of support on an older keyboard.

My mission is to set-up my S90ES keyboard with Cubase Artist 9.5 and be able to use the integrated S90 software editor in Cubase. Despite an older keyboard can this still be done?

I think One of the main issues is that I can not get the *ONLNE w/blue dot or *OFFLINE w/blue dot to appear in the upper left of the Editor window. When I open the Editor and go to “File” “Set-Up”, under “Data Port” I check the “ON” for USB and there is nothing to select.

Keyboard: S90ES
OS: OS High Sierra
MIDI Connection: USB
Audio connection: Clarrette
S90 Editor: I have the S90XS editor installed because I couldn’t find one for the ES
MIDI Driver: USB-MIDI Driver V1.3.2-2 for Mac macOS 10.13-OS X 10.5.8

Any assistance would be appreciated.


You have to use the S90 ES editor. The one for the S90 XS is completely different.

You can download the editor here. Read the “Caution” section carefully.

S90 ES OS update:

The editor works fine on Windows. I don’t know if it will work on a newer Mac OS.

Excellent! I’ll give that a try. Thank you.


I’ve updated both the correct editor and S90ES OS updates. I’m not sure how to tell that everything is working properly with my system, but when I activate the stand alone version of Studio Manager, I get the set-up window where I select workspace, MIDI, and preference settings. However, after making these selections, and when I hit OK, I get an error message window that says “Following components could not be loaded. Please ensure that you have installed required components correctly. S90ES (Voice)”. Is this an indication that something might not be compatible with OS High Sierra?