Yamaha s90XS does not show up in Studio Manager

I have installed the all these programs/drivers on my new Mac Mini :

Cubase AI5 - 32 bit
USB Midi Driver
Studio Manager
S90 XS Remote Tools
S90XS Editor VST

When I open Cubase, the Yamaha S90XS appears in the Remote devices and I can select the Yamaha S90XS for MIDI inputs/outputs.

However, in Studio Manager the Yamaha S90XS is just missing. I have tried SM2 - Preferences - Modify Workspace but the workspace is empty. The Yamaha is connected via USB port to Mac Mini and turned on, and on the Yamaha I have selected USB as the Midi in/out.

I have no clue what to do and any help/suggestions will be appreciated. Battled with this for a whole week now and not getting anywhere.

You need the S 90 XS Editor for Studio manager.


Sorted this out after struggling with it for one week.

Installed the S90XS Editor and now it shows up in my studio manager.

Thank you once again for your help!

You’ re welcome…