Yamaha-Steinberg ASIO driver = extreme limitation.

Could you advise me what it would take to have the Yamaha-Steinberg USB ASIO driver’s inputs and outputs for the Yamaha Montage
co-exist with the inputs and outputs of the Steinberg UR824’s in the same DAW (pick any DAW) please?

The goal is to get the 16 stereo USB audio channels from my new Yamaha Montage 8 out of my PC so that I can
pass them through any of the UR824’s 16 ADAT Mono outs to (at least) get 8 Stereo ADAT streams into
my digital mixer. I REALLY have no interest in mixing in-the-box as the Steinberg driver insists I do . All my hardware synths must work in real-time in the production of a song as they always have,
show-up for work in the same mixing console and get-along with each other. No one is more special than the other. (-:
But to my incredible disappointment, the Yamaha-Steinberg driver’s design does not accomodate ANY other ASIO driver simultaneously in the same DAW including that of my brand-new RME BabyFACE USB interface
that has 32 ADAT audio INs & Outs that I bought specifically for this purpose.
It will not even accomodate the prescence of the latest ASIO-4-ALL driver which
I installed to try to workaround as an aggregator and solve this problem (that I’ve been troubleshooting for 3 weeks.)
I’ve tried Ableton10 Trial, Fruity Loops trial, Sonar X2. I don’t see a Cubase Trial version on your site I would’ve tried that also.
Ableton+Yamaha Montage ASIO driver + Voicemeeter–>Sonar X2+Babyface ASIO = latency about 1/2 a second. So, that won’t work either.

I see this issue has been discussed repeatedly on the Yamaha Forums.
Yamaha support told me to buy the Steinberg UR824 “because it uses the same driver as the Montage”, so I bought it.
And the result is the same. The USB audio outs of the Montage are not available if the UR824s become available in ANY DAW.
Quite frankly, I’ve temporarily lost any interest in producing music due to this problem… which shouldn’t happen in 2019.

My PC is Supermicro professional workstation with 20 real Xeon Cores (40 virtual cores) , 64GB RAM, a 2TB RAID and 250GB RAID 0 scratchdisk

I look forward to hearing from anyone at your earliest convenience.
Many thanks,

Not the most elegant solution - and I have no real-world experience playing with it, but perhaps your best bet is something like wormhole2 ? (if it is still a viable thing these days)

this would require a separate computer plugged into your Montage running your DAW of choice. output audio via what I assume is a plugin (wormhole 2) from that computer - audio input to your main daw with UR824 attached. from what i understand wormhole 2 can do 40 tracks over ethernet.


I dunno if any other options that do audio over ethernet are out there to help your plight.

As far as ASIO driver limitations - having only one asio device attached is the way it’s always been, and as you mentioned every DAW is that way too.

If anything I would think the limitation is with the shitty amount of output options they gave you on that montage, one or two optical outs would have helped.